Published On : Sat, Nov 18th, 2017

Homo paedophile arrested for serial murders, confesses of killing 4

Nagpur: Durgesh Dhruv Singh Chaudhary alias Challa, a notorious name in Nagpur against whom more than 30 criminal cases have been registered has been arrested in serial murder cases. With the arrest of Chaudhary as many as three murders, all committed by him, have been resolved. Notably, the convict has also confessed of his crime.

It is to be recalled that in April this year, two dead bodies were located at Railway tracks under New Kamptee jurisdiction within a week. As the bodies were not identified, the police had registered cases of accidental death in both the cases. Likewise, a beheaded body was located in Itwari under the Lakadganj Police jurisdiction on 26th October. The victim in this case as well, was not identified as it was in a decomposing state and the head was brutally cut off. The police, in this case, had registered a case of murder and had been investigation thoroughly ever since. In the investigations it was discovered that a 15-year-old boy Mohmmad Arman was missing from Nandavan. After the primary enquiry, it was found that the clothes found on the dead body belonged to Armaan. The family, later, also confirmed that the other belongings were of Armaan and thus, the body was identified as his.

This murder had been done in a deserted area behind the bushes and thus, there was no chance of having an eye witness in the case. However, the police traced two CCTV Cameras installed near the spot. In the footage, two figures were seen going behind the bushes but only one was seen returning. This gave a platform for the investigation to the police.

When the family of deceased were shown the footages, it was found out that the one of the figures in the footage was Armaan. They also told that they had no idea who the other man was. Later, it was found that the other man in the footage was Chaudhary who had more than 30 criminal cases against him. After further investigations he was traced in Nagpur Central Jail where he was imprisoned in case of theft. From here he was arrested by Lakadganj police on a produce warrant. When he was interrogated, he confessed to have done the three murders.

He also gave the details of the previous murders where he had killed Kailash Punaram, a resident of Deshpandey layout. As informed by him, he has a dual with Punaram after which he threw him on a railway track. The whole episode had appeared as a suicide and thus was not investigated much. Chaudhary also informed the police that he had killed Armaan after attempting to sexually exploit him. He has also confessed that he had forced himself upon several teenage boys and that he has done four murders in total one of which was a case of few years back. All the victims were teenagers and were killed in an attempt of sexual exploitation.