Published On : Fri, Mar 6th, 2015

Holika Dahan Celebrated in City

holikadahan-nagpurNagpur: Holi was celebrated with great festive fervour in the city on Thursday as Nagpurians gathered in groups near Holi fires to worship Goddess Holika. The festival is celebrated all across the country to appease fire as Holi marks the begenning of summer.

564 public Holi bonfires were lit all across the city while some people were seen worshipping private bonfires at homes anc olonies.
The entire day lit up with excitement as children, youngsters as well as older people were seen drenched in water and colours right from early noon.

School children were seen returning home coloured in their uniforms. College campuses came alive as youngsters celebrated the festival of colours with excitement. By evening, traders, shopwoners and general employees too were seen playing colours in Itwari and other commercial areas.

While most people were seen coloured in hard colours, some were seen taking the eco-friendly way and playing a simple gulaal tika holi. As children prepare and equip themselves with water filled guns and water ballons, city police too are seemed equipped to tackle any misdeed or hooliganism on Friday.