Published On : Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

Hike in petrol and diesel evinces angry reactions

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The BJP Government has hiked petrol prices by Rs 1.69 per litre and diesel prices by Rs 0.50 per litre. The hike comes into effect from midnight of July 1, 2014. Sources said that the price hike is due to the crisis in Iraq which has influenced international oil and currency markets.

However, this hike excludes local sales tax or any other local taxes. The increase may be much higher than this. “The international prices of gasoline (petrol) have increased by more than $4 per barrel, and the Rupee-US dollar exchange rate has also deteriorated. The impact of both these factors has caused an increase in petrol prices by Rs 1.69 per litre, excluding state and local taxes.

Vilas Muttemwar who was visibly disturbed by the news of hike in Petrol and Diesel rates, said that “Is this the definition of Ache Din Aye Hai”?

What is the justification for this sudden hike? We had the justification for the hike since we had import it at higher cost because the International price of Crude Oil. All the leaders were continuously blaming UPA for the poor governance and inflation in almost every speech, but as soon as BJP Government came to power, they hiked Railway fare by 14.5 %. In the 10 years that we have been in power i.e. UPA-1 & UPA-2, we have never hiked the railway fare so much. Now this hike in prices of Petrol and Diesel is just the tip of the ice-berg. The people who trusted BJP and got wooed to the “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar” are going to get many more such disappointments.

MLA Dinanath Padole said that this is the “Ache Din” according to BJP Government. The hike in prices of one or the other consumer goods by the BJP Government is treachery with the citizens. They are breaking the trust with which they had elected BJP to power and disappointing the citizens. At least now, the citizens should beware of this party. If they do not understand BJP’s lack of knowledge to run the government, they will have to face many more disappointments. The BJP Government professes one thing while they practice something else.

Former MLA Ashok Dhawad said that BJP had promised before coming to power that they will reduce the rates of all goods, however, what actually is happening is that they have hiked the rated of many goods which include Sugar, Petrol, Diesel, Railway fare etc. This is just the starting, there are going to be many more hikes. He opined that UPA had some of the best Economists in the party who had planned the country’s economic policies in such a manner that while the Global recession was felt by most countries, we never felt the brunt of the recession. He said that BJP does not seem to be having any Economist who can plan the policies for the nation.

Congress City Chief Vikas Thakre said that before elections, the BJP had promised that once they come to power, they will strive to reduce inflation, give adequate safety to women etc, however, within one month of their coming to power, they have broken the trust shown by the people. Within one month, they have hiked the prices of Sugar, Petrol, Diesel and Railway fare. This is treachery (Dhokadhadi). He opined that maybe former PM Manmohan Singh may not be as eloquent as PM Narendra Modi, but the people will soon realize that Manmohan Singh was the best Prime-Minister.

A businessman Tarun Mehra said that BJP government should be given some time. They have increased the rates only because the International Crude Oil rates influence the local increase in prices. However, he said that they should not have increased it so much and so soon.

An official of a Private Company Rohit Jain said that I have been an ardent fan of Narendra Modi and know for sure that he is working for the better future of the country. However, what I did not understand is that Why was the hike in so many goods made within one month of their coming to power?

Sharad & Harshad staff of an esteemed college in the city opined that they knew that BJP can never deliver what they promised during their election speeches. Within a month, they have increased the cost of sugar, hike in Rail fare, hike in petrol and diesel fare.