Published On : Mon, Feb 24th, 2014

High drama enacted by woman who wanted to desert her child

Poor financial condition prompted her to enact drama of child kidnapping.

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Representational Pic

Nagpur News.

In what could be explained only as sheer desperation and helplessness, a mother tried to desert her child and related a story of her child being kidnapped by some boys to her sister-in-law. Unfortunately for her, her sister-in-law promptly reported the incident to Imambada Police Station.

On February 24, 2014, after 12 noon, a lady Harsha Vijay Khobragade, aged 25 years and a resident of Chandan Nagar (who is a house wife and her husband who is a daily wages labourer) came out of the Government Medical College and Hospital building and saw an old lady Shyamkala Gaikwad, aged 50 years, and a resident of Koradi, Goregaon, District Gondia seated near the main entrance. This lady (accused) asked that old lady if she could take care of her 2-month-old-child for some time. She said that her sister is waiting outside and that she has to go out and bring the sister with her. The old lady Shyamkala Gaikwad who was too gullible, swallowed the sob story and agreed to take care of the child. Unfortunately for her, when the mother of the child did not return even after more than 1.5 hours, Shyamkala Gaikwad  started getting worried. After getting a panic attack, she went with to the Dean of GMCH Pawre and related the entire story. The Dean of GMCH Pawre in-turn reported the matter to Ajni Police Station.

Meanwhile the mother of the child, had gone to an Eye-Specialist Hospital situated in Lokmat Square, where her sister-in-law Mamta Khobragade was working as a nurse at Dhantoli and related a cock-and-bull story of her 2-month-old child was snatched from her hands by two boys. She never realized that her sister-in-law will complain to the police. Her sister-in-law Mamta Khobragade promptly related the entire incident to Imambada Police Station who registered a case. Realizing the importance of the gravity of the situation, the Imambada Police Station had started an investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile the news of this kidnapping child was aired on the police wireless instruments. The news was listened to by the Ajni Police Station who immediately contacted the Imambada Police Station and related that an old lady is with them claiming that the mother Mamta Khobragade had left her child with her and is still missing.

When the Imambada Police Officials took the mother to Ajni Police Station, the old lady Shyamkala Gaikwad  identified her as the mother much to the relief of all present at the station.

Both the Ajni and the Imambada Police officials are in a fix as to should they register a case against Mamta Khobragade who tried to desert her child or not?

When asked, Mamta Khobragade said that she and her husband are already having a 1.5 year old baby girl and they can’t take care of the second child. So in order to ensure that the second child gets a decent life, she decided to desert the child. Till the time of filing the police is still investigating the matter.