Published On : Mon, Aug 22nd, 2016

‘Hello Diabetes’: An awareness programme held

Hello Diabetes (2)
: Sunday saw a special birthday celebration. Instead of a cake, watermelon was cut and the ‘party’ consisted of discussion about diabetes. On the occasion of 22st Anniversary of Sunil’s Diabetes Care-n’-Research Centre Pvt. Ltd (DCRC) in collaboration with Diabetes Care Foundation of India (DCFI) Nagpur had organized a mega Diabetes Awareness Programme  “HELLO DIABETES Madhumeh Ki Paathshala for people with diabetes, their relatives and masses on Sunday August 21,   2016 at Scientific hall, Laxmi  Nagar, Nagpur. 

The programme was conducted by Director of DCRC Dr Sunil Gupta.Various topics were covered like what is Diabetes, its Causes & symptoms, complication of Diabetes in Kidney, Eyes, Heart, Low Sugar Attack, Dental Care, Nephropathy, Sleep Apnea, Paralysis for Diabetics, Prevention of Diabetes and Travel Day Guidelines, Common Myths about Diabetes, Diabetes cure. Open question answer session was undertaken where in People with diabetes and their caretakers clarified their doubts.

Lecture on insulin technique, dental care, Nephropathy, Sleep Apnea & diet were taken.  Effective scientific communication in patient’s own language is the key to success, not only for erasing myths from the mind but also developing self-confidence and bonding with healthcare system which is the basic purpose of diabetes education, said Diabetologist Dr Sunil Gupta.

Pulmonologist Dr. Vivek Gupta explained about sleep Apena its causes and treatments. Nephrologist Dr Prakash Khetan elaborated the signs and symptoms of diabetic Nephropathy. Dentist Dr. Mohit Zamad told  that  Our teeth says “U keep me clean I will keep you healthy” Dietician & Diabetes Educator Kavita Gupta said that,

“A diabetes diet should be high on fiber, fresh seasonal fruits, green vegetables, Sprouts & low processed, Fried foods, Milk without cream, buttermilk, etc.” But remember to consume these components in moderation. Dr Priya Kotian said that counseling patients on correct injection technique and prevention of lipos can help improve glucose control, greater patient satisfaction and lower health care cost. Pathologist Dr Sarita Ugemuge presented “22 Yrs journey of DCRC”.

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The programme was inaugurated by lighting of traditional lamp by Mayor of Nagpur city Pravin Datke, Senior Physician Nagpur Dr S M Patil, Dean of IGGMC Dr Wahane, RSS Dr Dilip Gupta, Corporator Chetana Tank.

Various Skits, Role Plays like “Goli-Insulin”, “Diabetes Complications”, “Sajag Sahma, Bindas”, Radika, Tavel Day Guide-lines were enacted in which, Mayuri Mohadikar, Shraddha Fulzade, Pooja Kore, Anubha Sahu, Muskan Punshi, Dr Shruti Zalke, Dr Sarita Ugemuge, Vivek Nagrare, Mayur Awasare, Kapil Sarak, Raju Andulkar, Pinaki Chaudhuri played different  important role.

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400 Free Blood Sugar Tests, 500 Diabetes Identity card were prepared for People with Diabetes. 600 patients of diabetics and their relatives benefited through the programme.

Dr Sachin Ghate, Manoj Humare, Pushkar Karandikar, Satyen Patel, Swati Joshi, Snehal Ninawe, Vicky Bhoyar, Vishal Ramtekar, Bhalchandra Paturkar, Brijesh Singh, Prashant Ramteke, Pankaj Walde, Sonu Singh, Parvinder Bhamra, Vibha Gupta, Sarita Kale, Trishali Khandagale, Priyanka Dhakate, Priyanka Wagh, Trupti Chauhan and Sheela Moon ,worked hard for the success of the programme.