Published On : Tue, Aug 6th, 2019

Heavy rains in Mumbai hits train services hard

Nagpur: With heavy downpour lashing Mumbai and nearby towns, train traffic has gone haywire. Many Mumbai-bound trains were either cancelled or terminated at various stations leaving passengers in the lurch.

With Meteorological Department predicting further heavy rainfall over next two days, services of long distance trains namely 12146 Puri-LTT, Bhubaneshwar-LTT and 22848 LTT-Vishkapatnam, leaving respective stations on August 6 have been cancelled. Similarly, 12879 LTT-Bhubaneswar leaving LTT on August 7 and 22865 LTT-Puri Exp leaving LTT on August 8 are also stand cancelled owing to non arrival of rakes due to closure of line towards Mumbai from Saturday night till Monday morning.

On Sunday, 12106 Gondia-Nagpur – CSTM Vidarbha Express was terminated at Wardha putting travellers in fix as they were left stranded at station. Mumbai bound Sewagram Express was controlled at Nagpur Station only and passengers were informed about its cancellation. From Mumbai no long distance train could be run on Sunday owing to heavy rains. The train traffic on Howrah-Mumbai route has been fluctuating since last two days as incessant rains in State capital and elsewhere in country has resulted in water logging on tracks.

On Monday, 11402 CSTM-Nanded Nagpur Nandigram Express was cancelled as also 12102 Howrah-LTT and 12810 Howrah-CSTM passing through Nagpur on Monday. Other trains that did not arrive at Nagpur on Monday include 22886 Tata Nagar-LTT Antoday Express, 12262 Howrah-Mumbai, 12869 Mumbai-Howrah Geeetanjali, 11401 Nagpur-CSTM Nandigram, 12261 Mumbai-Howrah Duranto, 12105 CSTM-GondiaVidarbha Express, 12289 Mumbai-Nagpur Duranto, 12809 Mumbai-Howrah Mail, 12145 LTT-Puri Superfast Express, 18029 LTT-Shalimar Kurla Express, 12102 Howrah-LTT Dyaneshwari Express, 12810 Howrah-Mumbai Mail, 12859 Howrah-Mumbai Geetanjali, 12811 LTT-Hatia Superfast Express.

More problems:
Closure of Mumbai route created more problems for Central Railway’s Nagpur Division. Some trains on Grand Trunk route and those coming from Gujarat were run via diverted route of Itarsi, Nagpur and Ballarshah and others.The trains included 12618 Hazrat Nizamuddin Ernakulam Mangala Express, 12432 Nizamuddin-Thiruwantapuram,22138 Ahmedabad-Nagpur Prerna Express, 12905 Porbandar-Howrah Superfast Express.

Anotherroute used for diversion was that of Vadodra-Godhra-Ratlam-Bhopal-Itarsi-Nagpur for 12833 Ahmedabad-Howrah Superfast Express while 18502 Gandhidham-Vishkapatnam weekly Express was run via Ballarshah, 19261 Kucheveli-Porbandar, 19577 Tirunelvelli-Jamnagar went viaThrissur-Pallakad-Salem Jolarpettai-Malpakkam-Renigunta-Ballarshah-Nagpur-Jalgaon Surat, 12977 Ernakulam-Ajmer via Nagpur-Itarsi-Bhopal Nagda, 12217 Kochuveli-Chandigarh Sampark Kranti Express also went via Nagpur-Itarsi-Bhpoal-Bina and Jhansi, while 22654 Nizamuddin-Thiruvantapuram went via Nagpur and Ballarshah.

At Nagpur Station special booth was set-up to facilitate cancellation of tickets owing to non running of trains. Similarly, railway administration also provided tea and biscuits and light refreshment to passengers of 12152 Howrah-LTT and 12810 Howrah-Mumbai trains at Wardha and Nagpur stations respectively.