Published On : Thu, Jul 18th, 2013
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HEAD HASSLES: Total of 83 NMC schools running without Headmasters; shocking!

Many schools are running the “show” without Headmasters. And the NMC, too, is caring a hoot. “The show must go on” attitude of NMC is showing a poor picture of these schools thus the education taking a severe beating, and, hitting the students hard, too.

Nagpur News:

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), infamous for taking actions against poor and gullible citizens for a very petty violation of rules, must clean its own house, riddled with hundreds of ills. The NMC’s very very poor handling of public-sensitive situations could be gauged from the fact that there are no Headmasters in its 70 primary schools and 13 middle schools. No need to guess the running of these schools without a head. A total of NMC’s schools stands at 182 primary and 28 middle schools. There are 182 sanctioned posts for Headmasters. However, in many of the schools, Acting Headmasters are running the schools. And the teachers in the schools having Acting Headmasters take the advantage to the hilt and bunk the schools without any fear of actions. Not to mention the outcome. Education taking the severe beating thus hitting the students hard.

The students in these schools, too, have adopted the habit of absenting from the schools “habitually.” The teachers also go scot-free in the situation of the advantages of no Head Masters. No eyes focus on this most disturbing aspect. The same situation prevails in the middle schools of the NMC. Many schools are running the “show” without Headmasters. And the NMC, too, is caring a hoot. “The show must go on” attitude of NMC is showing a poor picture of these schools. There are 28 sanctioned posts of Headmasters. Out of these 28 sanctioned posts, 15 schools have regular Headmasters. Two teachers were suspended for various reasons. Now 13 posts of Headmasters are lying vacant.

The appointment of Headmaster before the start of the new session is a must and was expected, too. But till today, the process for appointing the Headmasters has not even begun. A seniority list of teachers was prepared in 2008. The list was expected to be on boards with necessary updates in 2013. This “update of dismal working”resulted in no promotions of teachers to the posts of Headmasters in the schools. The poor to very poor state of affaires in NMC and Government schools have been the topics of discussions since ages. Moreover, the NMC and the Government expect, and, even resort to the tall claims of high standard education in their schools. However, no sane person could and would believe in their “hollow tall claims.” How could the high standard education be provided to the students in the absence of Headmasters for years together? is the question hounding many teachers’ associations. Are the Acting Headmasters striving hard for the betterment of the schools themselves, and the students, too? Are the school teachers having Acting Headmasters cooperating with them? A dedicated Headmaster can change a poor school into a high standard one. But NMC is NMC. Never properly cares for people-closed issues. Most important being the education. The President of NMC Teachers’ Association Rajesh Gavare has earnestly urged the Education Officer to immediately fill up vacant posts of Headmasters in NMC schools after considering the bright future for the students.