Published On : Fri, Sep 25th, 2015

Haunted ‘Kalawanti Fort’, most dangerous sort!


  • Vertical climbing is dangerous, slight slip can cause roll into death
  • Tourists advised to climb down before sun-set
  • Evening surrounds one with frightening silence

haunted kila
Mumbai/ Nagpur:
The Kalawanti-Fort is the most dangerous fort of its sort, yet horribly beautiful in terms of its uniqueness as well as horror, and rarely visited spot by tourists. One has to go to the spot between Matheran and Panvel and sight the Prabhalgarh Fort, also known as Kalawanti Kila in Maharashtra. It is situated on the height of 2300 feet. Its vertical climbing by its steps is difficult, and so, it has been visited by very few, and the visitors are advised to climb down before the ‘sun-set.’ In fact there is no arrangement of water and electricity and other amenities, so the tourists hardly find it enjoyable. The evening makes one surrounded by frightening silence of a forlorn place, and then it seems to be haunted by some invisible spirit.

Steps made by cutting rocks
To climb the fort, the steps have been made by cutting the rocks, most unsafe with no rope or bar or railings to hold grip of. A slight slip can throw one straight way downward into valley below, with the certificate of death. There have been several deaths so far due to fall downward from steps of the fort.

Fort renamed in the regime of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
This fort was renamed in the regime of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, as Kalawanti Kila, named after Rani Kalawanti. Earlier it was called Muranjan Kila.

From the top of the fort, many surrounding forts can be seen
From the top of Kalawanti Fort, one can see the other forts like Chanderi, Matheran, Karnal and Irshal, etc., and also some portion of Mumbai city. The climbing to this fort is allowed between October and May months. The climbing during rainy season is most dangerous.