Published On : Sat, Jul 19th, 2014

Hate Story 2: Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

Hate Story 2: Revenge Story of an wounded mistress

hate story 2
First movie of Hate Story created a good buzz and did decent business owing to its clever marketing, good execution of plot and music. Vikram Bhatt who is Producer of that movie is also a Bhatt camp prodigy. Similar to the angst driven broken heart hero of Mahesh Bhatt, his heroine centric films are mostly bold, erotic stories having either the horror or the thriller genre. Vikram Bhatt excels in both and even after branching out of Bhatt Camp, he continued with these 2 genres.

Second instalment of Hate Story promises similar erotic thriller experience in a bolder version. Does it live up to the expectations created by the marketing buzz (that the hot scenes in the movies are so hot that those are banned by the censor)?

This time the story is about Sonika (Surveen Chawla) who is a mistress of Mandar Mhatre who is a politician ruling Mumbai. Mandar practically owns Sonika’s life under the threat that he will hurt her Grandmother if she tries to run away. While passing her suffocating life in the Golden Cage given by Mandar, Sonika meets Akshay at her photography class and they fall in love. Mandar finds this out and what happens next is anyones guess.

Screenplay by Madhuri Banerjee starts on a promising note. It does have its pluses but slides down spirally as movie progresses. Sonika and Mandar parts are good and but the love story between Akshay and Sonika is lacklustre. There is nothing in the screenplay which gives us reason to love Akshay and root for Sonika to take her revenge. However, writing is showcased shaping up Mandar’s Character. Dialogs by Girish Dhamija are good.

Director Vishal Pandya gets a weak script which lacks emotionally. However, Vishal misses the chance to make it for it by providing good quality erotica as promised in the marketing buzz. The much touted hot scenes are total flat. Having said that, he shows promise in packaging of the movie. So with a better script, he could show some magic. The editor of the movie Kuldip Mehan did a fabulous job. I specially liked the way he does transition from flashback to the the main story.

Vishal did good work in extracting good performances by his cast. The lead Surveen Chawla does good job considering the movie revolves around her. I would have liked more emotions in her eyes which does not speak but overall she did decent work. But same can not be said about scorching the screen due to hotness. But then there are a lot of things which makes a scene hot and the actress alone can not be blamed for that.

Jay Bhanushali is total miscast and has minuscule role. He gets to kiss a lot and that’s what is the only benefit he could get from this movie. Another miscast is the actor in the role of inspector. He looks too pretentious and is impact-less. Everyone else has done justice to their job.

The best part of this movie is Sushant Singh who plays the baddie Mandar Mhatre. He is pure evil and is impressive till the Director decides to waste it all by Singham like fearful reactions from him in the climax. If he had continued the pure evil stance, it would have been better. Still, the Half star is given specially for Sushant. Event the actress who plays his wife is good.

Production Quality of the movie is good. Cinematography by Kedar Gaikwad is apt. Music is average. The saving grace is the remix of “Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai”. However, Pink lips by Meet Brothers featuring Sunny Leone is not that good. Also the placement of the song is too abrupt.

Overall, It is an average movie with good first half and bad second half.

Rating : 1-5stars

Recommendation : Watch it when it airs on satellite television or on DVD. Save money !