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    Published On : Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

    Has NMC’s garbage-bin free dream become obsolete?

    Garbage Bin placed on the footpath on the road hit opposite to Meditrina Hospital
    : The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s year-old dream of becoming garbage-bin free city has proved to be farce and not-applicable.

    One can see many Garbage bins in many places where they should not be present. For instance, a big-garbage bin is situated hit opposite to Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences. The place around the Garbage Bin is strewn with plastic waste, plastic covers filled with garbage etc lying on the foot-path.

    Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) removed 530 of the city’s 700 garbage bins under the bin-free city project. However, open garbage dumps have replaced these garbage-bins. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation gave the contract to Kanak Resources to collect garbage from door to door and from places where garbage has been dumped.

    Under the contract, the personnel from Kanak Resources Management were to collect garbage from every household in the city in small vehicles with a big bin attached to it and to transport garbage to the Bhandewadi Dumpyard in East-end of Nagpur. The Municipal Corporation had also signed up Hanger Biotech Energies for setting up a garbage treatment plant at the dump-yard.

    Fibreglass Urinal near Medical College
    Are compound walls and foot-paths public urinals?
    Well this seems to be true in many places. For instance, the compound wall of the Agriculture College Hostel hit opposite to Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences and other reputed hospitals is practically turned into a place where many men urinate. This is because the civic authorities have not bothered to sweep and clean the place for many years. This place has also become a breeding grounds for mosquitoes and in-turn providing ideal or conducive atmosphere for dengue and other diseases.

    Why are compound walls public urinals?
    This is because the civic authorities have not placed Public Urinals in many places. We all drink tea (a very good diuretic) and water because of the climatic conditions prevailing in Nagpur city making us want to urinate often.

    Garbage Bin placed on Foot-path on RPTS Road, Laxmi Nagar
    The Fibre-glass or plastic Public Urinals placed in some places are not serving its purpose at all. The reason being that during the night, many homeless people use this place to defecate. Since there is an absence of water and no regular cleaning, the Public Urinal starts to stink. Soon people start urinating near the entrance and then outside the entrance. Why can’t these urinals be cleaned on a day to day basis with water, phenyl and other disinfectants? Since some part of the sanitary work has been contracted to Kanak Resources, why can’t the sanitary workers on NMC’s role perform the role of cleaning public toilets etc.


    Is the Health Department of NMC serious in making city disease free?While many citizens have fallen prey to Dengue, Chikungunya, Swine-flu, malaria and other epidemic, yet the Health Department of NMC does not seem to be serious about these public toilets and garbage dumps which are breeding grounds to many bacterial and viral diseases.

    The Compund wall becoming a public urinal

    By Samuel Gunasekharan











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