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    Published On : Wed, May 11th, 2016
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    Has CM moved a step forward on separate Vidarbha?

    Seprate Vidarbha
    : With the pressure of separate Vidarbha mounting, the authorities have started some pro-active movement towards exploring all the possibilities, tenability and feasibility of a separate statehood.

    In a recent development, a letter was written to the Deputy Secretary of Planning Department directing the Vidarbha Development Board to prepare a feasibility or non-feasibility report about the formation of a new independent Vidarbha State.

    He in turn forwarded a representation of Former Expert Member of Vidarbha Development Board, Nagpur Dr Sanjay Tribakrao Khadakkar.

    In his letter to the Governor of Maharashtra, Former Expert Member of Vidarbha Development Board, Nagpur Dr Sanjay Tribakrao Khadakkar had said that the President of India, under Article 37212 of Constitution of India, (Special Responsibility of Honorable Governor) directed the Honourable Governor to establish three development Boards on March 9, 1994. The Honourable Governor in accordance of the powers entrusted to him had established three development boards on April 30, 1994.

    The important functions of the Development Boards include the following:

    1. Ascertain socio-economic development in relation to its area considering the resources, needs and opportunities having regard to the development of the state as a whole.
    2. Prepare regional/district development reports and update the same periodically. The regional/district development reports may contain:
    3. An analysis of assessment of local human and natural resources and potential of socio-economic development.
    4. The development status of important population groups in terms of development indicators of areas of socio-economic concern.
    5. Compilation of indicators of human development such as health, education and livelihood issues.
    6. A out-line of regional development plan based on resources and potential of the regions.
    7. Impact of assessment and evaluation of plan programme and overall regional development.

    The Maharashtra State was formed in 1960. After 15-20 years of formation of the State, it has been observed that there is unbalanced development of the State. The Vidarbha region lacked far behind in development of almost all sectors of development as compared to the rest of Maharashtra.

    The two committees of experts appointed by Governor of Maharashtra viz

    i)Fact Finding Committee (1983) ii) Indicator and Backlog Committee (1995) assessed the extent of backlog of Rs 3186.78 crores as on April 1, 1984 and of Rs 14006.77 crores as on April 1, 1994 respectively.

    1. For removing the backlog of Vidarbha region and for balanced development of Maharashtra State under Rule 7 of the Development Boards Order 1994, Honourable Governor has issued the Directives to the State Government regarding the region wise distribution of plan outlays, year-wise, since 2001. But many times, State Government has not followed the Directives issued by Honourable Governor and diverted funds meant for Vidarbha region to other regions of State, mainly to the rest of Maharashtra.
    2. Due to negligence and uncaring attitude of State Government towards the development of Vidarbha Region, there is a long pending demand of separation of Vidarbha region from Maharashtra State and formation of Independent Vidarbha State from a section of population of Vidarbha.
    3. It is claimed that Vidarbha region as a new Independent State will develop better as compared to the rest of Maharashtra State.
    4. Now the Billion Dollar question is whether the claim that Vidarbha as new Independent State will develop better is valid or not? Will it be rational to separate Vidarbha region from Maharashtra State? Is Vidarbha as New State economically feasible?
    5. Former Expert Member of Vidarbha Development Board, Nagpur Dr Sanjay Tribakrao Khadakkar had requested the Governor to direct Vidarbha Development Board to assess the feasibility/ non-feasibility of the formation of Independent Vidarbha State and asking them to prepare concrete report on economic viability/ inviability of New Vidarbha State, if it is to be formed?

    This will give an authentic report to everyone who is concerned about the development of Vidarbha region and it will also clear the doubts regarding the formation / non-formation of new independent Vidarbha State.

    While speaking to Nagpur Today, Former Expert Member of Vidarbha Development Board, Nagpur Dr Sanjay Tribakrao Khadakkar said that there has been a demand for a separate Vidarbha off and on. However, there is a need to study various factors and aspects of the feasibility of a separate Vidarbha.  Though there is a demand for a separate Vidarbha, no one has concrete and researched facts available to make a decision in this regard.

    This order may initiate a detailed research on various aspects and feasibility of a separate Vidarbha. Till date only the backlog and lack of development were discussed. With the order the movement for a separate Vidarbha is again setting momentum.
    Vidarbha Devlopment Letter

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