Published On : Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

Hardeep Singh Arora harassment case: “I am not guilty,” says Ambazari PI Shankhe

Ambazari PI Shanke
Hardeep Singh Arora, an accused under various sections including 498 (A), 377, 354 (A)(1), 323, 34 of IPC for dowry-demand, sexual torture, forcing unnatural sex, sexual harassment and molestation, is in the line of fire again for using every trick in the book to slip away from the legal action. Police sources informed that Hardeep has now took to Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to weaken the serious cases pertaining against him.

In his last ditch effort to avoid his inevitable arrest, Hardeep had addressed a press conference and had taken credit for getting a corrupt police official caught by Anti Corruption Bureau.

Refuting Hardeep’s  claim, Ambazari Police Station Incharge Shailesh Shanke speaking to Nagpur Today said that Hardeep has now started playing allegation game to come out of the legal hassle he is caught into. And for this only, he has started offering money to the concerned authorities. He also defame those refusing to go by his design.

Shanke said that neither he or any if his aides has ever made any demand from Hardeep.

It may be mentioned that Hardeep has been alleging that Woman PSI Archana Waghmare had demanded Rs 5 lakhs from him. He had agreed, after negotiations, to pay Rs 2 lakh to seek the Women PSI’s help in getting him the bail for which he was asked to pay 20,000. He said that he had called her in the evening at 6:30 pm. The Woman PSI Archana Waghmare had said that she has already left for her home. So he called her to Matey Square. There he went on talking sweetly to her and conned her to believe that he was innocent. While addressing the media personnel, Hardeep said that he had convinced her to come inside Domino’s outlet at Matey Chowk.  The trap was already laid by ACB and the sleuths were just waiting for the signal from Hardeep. As soon as Hardeep signaled, the ACB arrested the Woman PSI Archana Waghmare.

Shanke said that the case against Hardeep Singh Arora was lodged in Ambazari Police Station. They had specific instructions from Commissioner of Police S P Yadav to investigate the matter carefully.

Hardeep trying to intimidate every cop

He said that Hardeep Singh Arora had been hassling everybody in the police station by calling them on their mobile phones. He had often wanted to meet him. Since he was busy in other administrative duties, he met him only for 5 minutes and that too only once. PI Shanke and the Investigating Officer have been seriously and carefully investigating the case. However, since Hardeep Singh Arora was facing the flak during the course of investigation, he had also lodged a complaint with other higher police officials claiming that he and his family members are being harassed.

PI Shanke claimed that Hardeep Singh Arora had, with nefarious designs in his mind, planned and executed this trap with an aim to water down the charges against him and to hinder the investigations and prevent the legal proceedings initiated against him.

Senior Police Inspector Shanke had clarified and vehemently claimed that he has never demanded money from the accused directly or indirectly (through a conduit). He clarified that he never spoke to Woman PSI Archana Waghmare about the case nor had he made any demand through her. He claimed that he was following the orders of his superiors and carrying out the investigations as directed. He added that all the allegations made against him by Hardeep Singh Arora are false and baseless. He said that he is open to be investigated upon and will definitely cooperate with any investigating agency since he knows that he is not guilty of the charges leveled against him by the accused Hardeep Singh Arora.

While clarifying the issue about his absence, he said that he had applied for leave (for performing the final rites of a deceased relative) on June 16, 2016 which was approved by Deputy Commissioner of Police on June 17, 2016. He had applied for a leave from 12 pm on June 22, 2016 to June 26, 2016. He had finished some important work allocated to him by the DCP and had left the office at 1:30 pm after handing over the charge. His mobile phone was not in the coverage area which led people to believe that his mobile phone is switched off.

ips sp acb sanjay darade (1)While speaking to Nagpur Today, Superintendent of Police, Anti Corruption Bureau Sanjay Darade said that he cannot inform the media about the proceedings and so he will not be in a position to inform about the involvement of any other person apart from Woman PSI Archana Waghmare.

He said that if during the investigation, the involvement of any other person comes to fore, they will certainly take action against that person.