Published On : Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Haji Farooquebhai Akbani elected unoppose President of Halar Memon Jamat

Haji Farooquebhai Akbani Persident of Halar Memon JamatNagpur: In the election of Halar Memon Jamat society held at Memon Hall, Queta colony. Haji Farooquebhai Akbani Trade & Social activist leader was elected president for the term of three years 2016 to 2019. He was elected unoppose. Sajid Akbani a active social worker was also elected as General Secretary unoppose.

Large number of members of the community took part in the election proses for the post of 1 Senior Vice President Arif Nagani was elected by defeting Haroon Parekh. At the sametime Rauf Parekh was elected as IInd Vice President by defiting Siddique Memon, Asif Akbani was elected as Tresurer & Akbar Akbani was elected as Joint Secretary. The following Nine Member were elected as Executive Members.

1) Hussain Akbani
2) Farooque Banani
3) Hanif Dosani
4) Sajid Malani
5) Ashraf Parekh
6) Razzaque Patel
7) Zulkarnain Patel
8) Arif Fazlani
9) Zikariya Punjani

The election prosses was smoothly conducted by Adv. Rafiq Akbani & Sarfaraj Malani. Team CAIT Nagpur has congratulated Haji Farooque Akbani and his entire Team.