Published On : Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

Hair Growth: Prepare Onion Oil To Control Hair Fall With This Simple Method

Hair fall has become a common problem these days. It can become difficult to control hair fall at times. Long and thick hair is a dream of every girl. But not just women, hair fall can affect men too. It can also give you a huge amount of stress. From unhealthy eating to a huge amount of stress there are many factors which can contribute to hair fall. But the good news is that you can control hair fall with some simple remedies.

One of the most effective home remedies for hair fall is onion. Onion juice has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years to control hair fall. Onion can also be combined with oil to make an effective oil for hair growth. It can easily become a part of your hair care routine. Not just hair fall onion oil can help you fight many hair problems like frizzy hair, thin hair, dry hair, dull and damaged hair. You can prepare onion oil at home with some simple ingredients. Here are the benefits of onion oil for hair and the method to prepare onion oil for hair growth.

Hair Care Tips: Onion oil for hair growth
Onion is a common kitchen ingredient in almost every Indian household. Onion has certain properties that can help you promote hair growth and help you fight hair fall. Onion contains some minerals which are good for hair health. The presence of dietary sulfur in onion helps in hair growth as it provides nourishment to the hair to grow. Onion also has anti-microbial properties which kill the possible infection which can affect your scalp. This helps in building a healthy environment for the hair follicles to grow and also reduces hair fall.

Use onion oil will also balance the pH of your scalp and improve the blood circulation. Better blood circulation in scalp will also enhance hair growth and promote the health of your hair follicles.

Hair care: How to prepare onion oil at home?
There are multiple brands which offer onion oil but you can prepare it at your home with some inexpensive methods. Onion oil basically means adding onion extract to the oil. You can take coconut oil and heat it. Add chopped onions it along with some curry leaves (curry leaves are also good for hair). Now heat the mixture and allow the curry leaves to turn black. Once it is done strain the mixture and separate the oil from onion and curry leaves. Now store this oil and use it a few hours or a night before washing your hair.

It is a completely natural formula to promote hair growth which will not leave any side effect. In case you feel any discomfort you can stop its use. Anyone allergic to onion should not use this remedy.

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