Published On : Sun, Oct 25th, 2015

Gynaecon-2015 concludes with delegates enriched and edified by newer techniques for their practice

IMG_0230Nagpur: Gynecologists too are human beings and need to get updated from time to time with newer techniques and knowledge base in their practice. Gynaecon-2015 offered just that. The second day of the Gynaecon-2015, there were two major orations.

The delegates got information on how to manage difficult cases and how to act when there is a difficulty in creating Medical Conditions pertaining to diseases. According to the orator, these kinds of procedures help in curing infertility too. An indepth speech on intra-uterine-insemination was also delivered using canola. Various difficulties which arise during the intra-uterine-insemination were discussed. Newer modalities to improve success of intra-uterine-insemination were also discussed. Discussions on how these procedures help infertile couples were conducted.

Dr Prashant Rahate delivered a lecture which discussed on how to perform Obesity Surgery and its implications in Gynaecology. Various aspects were high-lighted and elaborated.

This was followed by a session on Medico-legal updates. Dr Alka Mukherjee spoke eloquently on how to respond and deal with law-suits.
Various paper presentations followed. There was a poster presentation and debates were held for the delegates. Latest clinical guidelines were discussed during the Gynacon-2015. This helped in updating the knowledge base of the delegates.

Around 22-Organizing Committees were involved in organizing the Gynaecon-2015. Each of these 22-Organizing Committees had 5-6 local Gynaecologists working hard round the clock along with President of NOGS Dr Mulik and Secretary of NOGS Dr Sandeep Nikhade.

IMG_0234Four major committees which strived for excellence were
1. Scientific Committee headed by Dr Mangala Ghisad
2. Souvenir Committee headed by Dr Alka Kumar
3. Directory Committee headed by Dr Dipti Kiradkar and
4. Workshop Committee

Nearly 43 Pharmaceutical Companies had provided Educational Grant for the success of Gynaecon-2015.