Published On : Thu, Feb 20th, 2020

Gym Enthusiasts Must Have These Food Post-Workout Session For Better Recovery

Are you a fitness enthusiast and never misses on your gym sessions? Does the term ‘fitness’ excites and energizes you? If yes, this piece of writing is for you. For frequent gym-goers, exercise can be addictive and that may make them overdo the workout at least sometimes. But, that can seriously go wrong and affect their health negatively.

So, to prevent any side-effect, you basically need to feed your body with certain essential nutrients post-workout. Also, when you are not exercising, keeping close attention to your food is extremely important for the recovery of your body muscles.

The importance of food post-workout
While exercising, your body uses the stored form of glucose (glycogen) for energy. After you finish your workout, your body loses glycogen and that leads to the break down of tissues. To prevent this wear and tear of muscles, you need protein and to accumulate the lost glycogen, you need carbohydrates. This will give you the energy to hit a gym the next day. This means that you basically need to consume food that are rich in both proteins and carbohydrates, post 30 minutes of your workout session.

Dietary habit for muscle recovery
Carbohydrates are the main source of daily calorie intake and are necessary for energy. Your body uses around 50 to 60 per cent of carbohydrates and break them down to use in the form of glucose. Also, your body stores the extra glucose in the form of glycogen in your muscles. But this doesn’t mean that you eat any food containing carbohydrates. Some of the healthy options include yogurt, whole fruits, legumes, milk, etc.

You also need to focus on your protein consumption as it helps in protecting the wear and tear of muscles. Notably, an average person needs around 1 gram of protein per kilogram of his body weight. Some of the best options to have are fish, meats, beans, poultry, eggs, milk, etc.