Published On : Mon, May 29th, 2017

Gusty winds hit Nagpur, rains bring down temperature

Nagpur: Highly intense gusty winds which carry dust and storm struck Nagpur along with rains on Sunday evening, catching the people unaware. Within minutes the might of the wind shook the city with an unprecedented experience in which bits of dirt and polythenes were seen flying as high as 200 fts up in the storm.

Many trees were reportedly uprooted and the vehicles came to stand still one. The strong winds which blew at the speed of approximately 150 km per hour gushed into the bustling scapes of Nagpur followed by mild to heavy rains which lasted for almost an hour. The hyperintense winds carried dust and dirt leaving behind the scattered garbage all over the roads.

Image Courtesy Arun Dhariwal FB post

The cloud of dust later settled into the rains which brought huge respite to the Nagpurians reeling under heavy heat. The met office has predicted similar weather in the evenings for another week.

Talking to Nagpur Today, Director of Regional Meteorological Centre A D Tathe informed that this is normal phenomenon around this period of the year. He said, “We were expecting this by May 15 but this year it got late. As the temperature is very high it gathers moisture in the system leading to thunderstorm activities. Also there is a cyclone formation in Bay of Bengal. Now the temperature is in the range of 44 to 45 degree Celsius but will not exceed beyond that. Chandrapur which has been witnessing very high temperature will also come down. Now from afternoon to evening this will be a routine phenomena as the system has formed. As of now we are focusing on monsoon which is expected to hit Kerala by May 31 following which Vidarbha region will receive pre monsoon showers. Given the pattern we are expecting arrival of monsoon in Vidarbha from June 7 to June 10.

He said gusty winds events that rapidly change direction eventually bring down the temperature and the situation is expected to remain during evenings. On Sunday evening Eastern MP and northern Chhattisgarh also received rains. Hence shift in weather during evening will remain persistent in Nagpur for at least one week.