Published On : Sun, Mar 8th, 2015

Guinness record holders give Women’s Day celebration a masterly touch at city’s Zero Mile Stone

unnamed (24)Nagpur: Sunday the March 8, 2015 will go down the history of Nagpur as an outstanding day and will be remembered for days to come chiefly for two gracious reasons. Firstly, the International Women’s Day was celebrated in a fitting manner in the presence of outstanding personalities – the Guinness Record holders. Secondly, the event was organized at Zero Mile Stone, the landmark monument of Nagpur, to give tourism a boost.

The exceptional personalities who are masters in their respective field as Guinness Book of World Record holders basked in the glory of their extraordinary feats and stole the show on the day as well.

The event was organized by Global Panorama Showcase (GPS). GPS is a premier business networking event and business-to-business trade show that is held annually in Nagpur.

The marvelous personalities who graced the event and put the Nagpur City in limelight include:
•    Sunita Kshirsagar Dhote: The gutsy cyclist undertook a 1300-km cycling expedition from Nagpur to Puducherry. The feat qualified as the longest cycling expedition by a female cyclist, the record included in the Guinness Book of Records among others.
•    Sunita Dhote: Created a world record by applying Mehendi for 72 hours at a stretch. The previous Guinness Book of World Record was in the name of equally outstanding Mehendi artist Ketki Hardas who had drawn Mehendi on 270 hands in 50 hours. The record was broken by Sunita Dhote who applied the Mehendi on 475 hands in 50 hours.
•    Ketki Hardas: Held the Guinness record by drawing Mehendi on 270 hands in 50 hours.
•    Rajesh Burbure: A professional singer from Nagpur staked claim to a new world record in solo singing – for 80 hours and 4 minutes – with the Guinness Book of World Records. The singer completed his marathon singing session in a public hall.
•    Sunil Waghmare: The longest singing marathon by an individual lasted 105 hours and was achieved by Sunil Waghmare in Nagpur from 3 to 7 March 2012. The record attempt started at 11.06 am on 3 March, with a variety of popular Indian songs being sung. No song was repeated within a 4 hour period. The attempt ended on the evening of 7 March after which Waghmare entered the Guinness Record Book.
•    Shashank Sakhre: Created Guinness record of playing tabla for 100 hours & 15 minutes with his team in Nagpur. The team performed for 5 continuous days from 16th Feb to 20th Feb 2011 and created Guinness World record.
•    Ranjit Thakur: The man from Nagpur entered the Guinness Book with his record-breaking feat of playing Octapad non-stop for 100 hours. The mind-boggling performance applauded the world-over and the gutsy Octapad player qualified for the Guinness Book of World Record.
•    Vandana Joshi: The Nagpur girl made it to the Guinness Book of World Records with flying colours. The artist created the largest `Rangoli’ its kind in the globe. Guinness World Records recognised the  5000 square feet `Rangoli’ made by her as the World’s Largest Rangoli Pattern.
•    Gulabchand Jangid: Has made world’s largest bamboo kite of 150 kg weight, 197.34 X 67.42 feet (13304.662 Sq. Feet). It was made of plastic cloth with 15 bamboo sticks and flown using 60 meter long and 19 mm thick nylon rope. This kite flew into the Guinness Book of World Records in style.
•    Laxman Lokhande: Has a largest collection of autographs of famous and prominent personalities including Shashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Gulzar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Parekh, Hema Malini, and many many more.
•    Gajanan Ladi: The Chakrasana exponent has a unique feat in his name. The Chakrasana, the most difficult form of Yogasana, is performed by Gajanan with a 60-kg man standing on his body.
•    Pranika: Another Chakrasana expert and the Guinness record holder performs a mindboggling feat. She runs 100 meters in Chakrasana form, the most arduous feat to be achieved.

Significantly, four groups of tourists from different parts of the country were the proud visitors to the Zero Mile Stone monument and witnessed the skillful event apart from men, women, kids in large number from the city.

The Global Panorama Showcase achieved yet another feather in its cap by organizing the unique event in Orange City.
In sum, the bottom line is: “Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.”