Published On : Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Guest lecture on Finite Element Method organised in VIT

A guest lecture on Finite Element Method (abbreviated as FEM) was organized in Vidarbha Institute of Technology (VIT). Prof.Ravindra Dehankar from Anjuman College of Engineering was the speaker. Prof.Ravindra Dehankar is having more than 16 years experience of Teaching.

He discussed the steps to numerical technique to obtain an approximate solution to a class of problems governed by elliptic partial differential equations. The content of lecture also includes methods to explain how spatial derivatives are converted into algebraic expressions by FEM and the temporal derivatives are converted into algebraic equations.

Dr.Sanjay S Uttarwar (Principal, VIT), himself being a Mechanical Engineer had further explained the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the simulation of any given physical phenomenon, and for the prediction of how a part or assembly behaves under given conditions. Both speakers addressed a huge crowd including the Faculty members & Students of Mechanical Engineering who enthusiastically attended the program.

Mr.Jitesh.N.Maheshwari (Chairman,VIT), said, “We appreciate every efforts that has been taken for the betterment of students” Dr.Pooja Maheshwari (Secretary, VIT) along with Dr.G.S.Natrajan (Director, VIT) and Dr.Sanjay Uttrwar (Principal, VIT) also appreciate the enthusiasm of the Faculty members of Mechanical branch.