Published On : Thu, Mar 30th, 2023

Group Education Officer refuses to cancel bogus admissions under RTE


Nagpur: The process of irregularly getting admissions under the Right To Education (RTE) by robbing the rights of the poor continues even today. Bogus admissions were given in 2021 during the tenure of Nagpur Panchayat Samiti In-Charge Officer Sharad Bhandarkar and In-Charge Extension Officer’s Secretary, Verification Committee.

The irregularities were investigated by Mohd. Shahid Sharif, Chairman, RTI Action Committee. In the investigation ordered by the Chief Executive Officer, it was revealed that the given admissions were out of rules. By misusing the position, Sarpanch Ravindra Ishwar Dhole (Borgaon) gave resident certificate to Praveen Kushal Chowdhary and similarly Sarpanch Mayatai Thakre (Yerla) gave resident certificate to Pramod Vasantrao Bhoir which is against the decision of Ministry of Rural Development. It is a violation as Sarpanches do not have the right to give resident certificates.

On the report of Group Development Officer Gunjalwar, Education Officer Primary Rohini Kumbhar ordered cancellation of admissions. But the bogus admissions were not cancelled even after it has become clear in the report that Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School (Ashti) has done local verification. After that the parents do not reside in the area and on inquiry it is found that they have not lived in this village just to get admission they have submitted false documents.

Political leaders have become active to cover up their act of giving bogus admissions to the capitalist parents by robbing the rights of the poor villagers and due to political pressure Group Education Officer Rajshree Ghokade refused to cancel the bogus admissions given in 2021.