Published On : Fri, Feb 27th, 2015

Groom called off marriage over Ex lover sms, Girl files police complain



In a cruel and heartless turn of events, a former lover succeeded in breaking the marriage of a girl (bride to be) one day prior to the marriage by sending message SMS to the groom claiming to be the lover of the girl and about the intimate relationship he had with the girl.


The morning of February 26, 2015 at around 9:30 am, a girl and some of her close relatives were seen in Sitabuldi Police Station. Soon the police station was abuzz with hectic activity and a lot of media personnel with their Video and Still Photography cameras were surrounding the girl.

The girl kavita, aged 23 years (Name changed) and resident of Sitabuldi claimed that she was to get married at 10 am on February 26, 2015. However, the groom identified as Abhishek Jain aged 28 years, chose to break the marriage claiming that he doubts her character and that she has a past affair.

kavita’s marriage was set to be solemnized with Abhishek . After all the negotiations, the engagement between the two was solemnized on January 25, 2015. There were 60 people from their clan present for the engagement ceremony. While leaving their house the father of the groom and the groom Abhishek had told that there should be nothing wanting in the marriage and that the marriage ceremony should be organized with great pomp and show. Before the engagement ceremony, during every subsequent meeting held between the two families, the greed of the groom side came to fore. Their demands seemed to be increasing every day.

Meanwhile it is alleged that the groom had received some SMS from an unknown number which sowed the seeds of doubt. The person sending the SMS claimed to have enjoyed intimate relationship with the girl. The groom who is said to be working in Tata Consultancy Services in Pune had asked her over the phone if the SMS were true and did she have any relationship with anyone. The girl had clarified that she was in a relationship with a boy name Rahul, who’s father is police constable in Nagpur. However, she had broken up with him for some valid reasons. However, after that too the former lover Rahul had been threatening the girl saying that I will ensure that I will not allow your marriage with anyone. However when the parents of the girl kavita had asked the boy Rahul, if he is ready to marry her, he refused. After that only had they finalized the marriage with the groom Abhishek .

On the next day of Valentine’s Day i.e. February 15, 2015, the groom Abhishek had come to Nagpur and had taken her to a Hotel Room that he had booked for both of them. However, the hotel staff had refused to allow both of them inside the hotel. This made the groom to change the mind and had taken her to eat, watch a movie etc. The girl kavita had claimed that Abhishek had tried to be intimate at the theater too.

However, on February 23, 2015, the uncle of the groom had given a call to the parents asking them for a meeting. During the meeting, the uncle and other family members of the groom had started to arraign slur on her character. They had called her all bad names. However, when kavita and her family members convinced them that there was never any such characterless acts on the part of kavita, it is alleged that the family had suddenly made a demand for a Chevrolet Car. The family members of kavita had tried their best to convince them that they are incapable of gifting a car as dowry to them. After that the family members said in the next meeting that they can arrange the marriage and said they are not going to make any demands.

While the family was busy with the religious rites, the family members of kavita got a phone asking them to come for a meeting. When the girl and the family members went there, they were told point-blank that the marriage stands cancelled.

The girl kavita claimed that apart from the financial loss which her family had incurred, she and her family members have been traumatized by this break in the marriage after the wedding invitation cards have already gone out, the guests had started coming, the food was ready, and that moment by cancelling the marriage, the groom and the family members have cheated her and her family members.

Not only did they cheat them, she broke the marriage based on a SMS sent by some prankster. If the person who sent the SMS happens to be the former lover, he too should be arrested and punished since he too played a vital role to annulling the marriage.
The Girl kavita and her family members had reached the police station at around 9:30 am. When the girl and the family members reached the police station, they found the boy (groom) and his family members already present in the Police Station.

What transpired between the cops and the family members is not known. However, when the girl and her family members went to lodge the complaint, the cops were very busy in trying to convince the girl not to register any case since the entire matter was a case of a love affair gone sour. However, when she insisted on filing the case, they wrote an FIR with many details missing. To add to that they were also seen trying to save the son of another cop by convincing her that the unknown number is not of the former lover.

The girl and her family members had to wait till 10 pm to get the FIR registered.