Published On : Fri, May 2nd, 2014

Green Vigil plays up ‘dream sequence’ to support NMC’s ‘Save Pili River’ drive

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As Nagpur Municipal Corporation kickstarted drive to save Pili river here on Thursday, socio-environment organization Green Vigil Foundation too stepped up to support the cause. The organization has once again staged its street play based on environmental concern. The play titled Thamti saanse, mitati pehchan was timed with the inauguration of  Piili Nadi Bachao Abhiyan by NMC.

The story line of the street play entails Ramkhilawan, a common man of Nagpur who  is not bothered about ongoing Pili & Nag nadi bachao abhiyan, until Pili nadi appears in his dream and takes him back to 1914 to showcase a beautiful free flowing unpolluted river. By witnessing the glorious past of Pili nadi, Ramkhilawan realized, citizens of Nagpur are  majorly  responsible for the deterioration of Pili nadi. As promised to Pili nadi, Ramkhilawan initiates a movement to save Pili & Nag Nadi.

Large number of NMC staff and local citizens witnessed the street play. City. Mayor Anil Sole, NMC Commissioner Shyam Wardhane, MLA Sudhakar Deshmukh were among the dignitaries present .


Dr. Kavita Rattan, Founder, Green Vigil Foundation informed that the street play was performed with an intent to create awareness among citizens and  ensure  participation of larger communities as all citizens should contribute their bit in conservation of rivers like Pili and Nag Nadi.

Green Vigil Team members Kaustav Chatterjee, Daksha Borkar, Surbhi Jaiswal, Hemant Amesar, Rahul Rathod, Mehul Kosurkar, Vishwajit Paikrao,  Kumaresh Tikadar, Pragya Naidu, Akash Shende, Bishnudeo Yadav, Dadarao Mohod, Susnata manadal, Vaishali Dhere and Nilesh Mumgate participated in the play.