Published On : Tue, Jul 2nd, 2013
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Green Shock : Veggies disappear from market as prices soar to new high in Nagpur

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Inflationary pinch has begun to bother Nagpur people big time as the sudden spurt in prices of vegetables has brought fresh green shock to them. Spiraling fuel prices clubbed with the scorching prices of vegetables have put the people in double whammy. The recent heavy rains in Vidarbha and connecting areas of Nagpur have cut down the the vegetable stock arriving in the city to enormous extent. This resulted in unprecedented shortage of vegetables setting its prices in record higher slab. Most of the vegetables have almost disappeared from the markets. Those seen are sold at alarmingly higher prices.

The cabbage which does not exceed Rs 20 a kilo in normal course stood at record Rs 60 per kg in the retail market. The coriander was being sold at double the price at Rs 120 per kg. However green chillies brought some respite from the heat of price rise as it saw a little price correction. Tomatoes too stand at Rs 60 per kg, however a lower quality tomatoes are priced at Rs 40 for a kilo.

Moreover, major stock of vegetables being brought to the city is partially rotten. The torrential rains last week have certainly hampered the production. While the standing vegetable crops were badly hit by rains, the laborers are finding it hard to retrieve the damaged produce. The sharp decline in production has got the rates to jump four times than its normal prices.

A stock vegetable dealer informed that tomatoes are being brought in Nagpur from Sangamner and Jaipur in Rajasthan. Since the inflow of fresh stock was restricted it led to a sudden price rise.

If the vegetable broker Omkar Gulwade at Fule market is to be believed, the price correction can be expected in the coming week as fresh arrival is anticipated. Secretary of Mahatma Fule wholesale vegetable market Ram Mahajan said, “Coriander and green chilly are already into revision mode with the marginal increase in its import to the city. Let’s hope for better next week.”


A look at the existing veggie prices

Vegetable     Price (Rs per kg)

Coriander     120

Tomatoes     60 (corrected to Rs 40)

Cabbage        60 (corrected to Rs 30)

Cabbage        60

Cauliflower   40

Onions            30

Pumpkin        30

Potatoes        20