Published On : Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

Green Initiative by Green Vigil Foundation

Green Vigil Foundation Tree Plantation
Green Vigil Foundation, an environmental NGO, undertook plantation program on 1st July, under the Ambitious Plantation Drive of planting 2 Crore saplings throughout Maharashtra aiming towards a greener state.

Green Vigil planted 240 saplings at Ambazari with Forest Department and at Pandhrabodi Lake with Nagpur Municipal Corporation in a day. The Foundation believes , saplings need to be planted in a scientific manner considering the site location and type of species being planted. The foundation has been very active in protecting the green cover of Nagpur city. Recently, Green Vigil has saved chopping of 52 trees at Maharajbagh during widening of the road.

While talking to Nagpur Today, Kaustav Chatterjee, Founder , Green Vigil Foundation stated its high time, we need to think of sustainable development. India, being a developing country, is undergoing rapid industrialization, thus, increasing green cover is the only wayout by which we can control the carbon emissions.

Daksha Borkar, Team Lead of Green Vigil pointed out , our job does not end at just planting a sapling but, nurturing the sapling into a full grown tree . If 60% saplings being planted today, transforms into a tree, it will be a great success for Nagpur.

Surbhi Jaiswal, Co-ordinator Programs highlighted, trees are being cut inside city limit and compensatory plantation , if at all is done, is being done outside city limit, which is not having any impact on controlling the temperature of Nagpur city. Hence, compensatory plantation need to be done within one kilometer radius from the tree being cut.

Green Vigil Foundation Tree Plantation (1)
Green Vigil team members Shakti Rattan, Bishnudeo Yadav, Hemant Amesar, Mehul Kosurkar, Kalyani Vaidya, Sheetal Choudhary, Vikash Yadav, Neha Chawla, Saurav Ambade, Amol Bhalmey, Nilesh Munghate, Pawan Deoghade, Karishma Vaidya, Pradeep Lalzare, Bhushan Bhalmey, Pramod Patel, Harish Hedau, Saurabh Bhange, Niraj Pande, Abhay Paunikar, Sanket Mendhule, Prashant Dhotkar, Pradeep Sahare, Shraddha Pande, Sarang More, Ankit Gajbhiye workedhard for the success of the plantation drive.