Published On : Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

Govt needs to pay for cutting down trees: Sena

Shiv Sena on Monday slammed the central and state government over the “murder” of trees in Mumbai’s Aarey Colony, saying none got affected by the “massacre”.

Comparing the felling of trees in Mumbai’s Aarey Colony with the blazing fire in the Amazon forest, Shiv Sena in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ said that when the latter happened people broke down.

However, here neither the prime minister got emotional, nor the chief minister seemed worried. “Trees don’t have the right to vote, so order should be given to ‘murder’ them. What kind of justice is this? If the movement to save the ‘Aarey’ forest had taken place in a European country, in America, then how much praise we would have received for it. If there is a fire in a forest abroad, then people cry because of it, but the whole forest is being murdered in front of our eyes, neither the PM got emotional, nor was the CM worried for it,” the party stated in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

The party went on to say that the “the way the Aarey issue is being oppressed, it is nothing but dictatorship.

“The purification of Ganga and Yamuna is on the agenda of the Prime Minister, however, jungle in Mumbai gets cut down, that is acceptable,” it stated.

The party added, “The government needs to pay for the sin of cutting down trees in night.”

Shiv Sena stated that they are not opposing the development work, but are against the cutting of trees.”