Published On : Wed, Nov 16th, 2016

Govt ignores Opposition, says citizens backing note ban move

New Delhi:
After Congress leader Anand Sharma launched a onslaught on the Narendra Modi government for the haphazard manner in which it announced the demonetisation policy, Piyush Goyal is now defending the administrative move.

He said: “For the first time, the honest have been honoured and the dishonest have been troubled.”

“When the PM was elected, he was elected on a mandate to curb corruption and black money.”

“Citizens of India fully backing govt on the note ban move. Measure to expose black money is necessary.”

“But parties are not taking it well, all parties should instead welcome PM’s actions.”

“There are no curbs on the common man today, it is only on criminals. What kind of a House can have objections to that?”

“We have given enough time to people to deposit money. Everyone can deposit their ‘honest money’. Problem is for those who have black money, those who have fake currency.”