Published On : Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

Govinda Aala Re : Meet hot favorite ‘Kanhaiyas’ of Bollywood!

Janmashtami is here and the atmosphere is echoed with the chants of ‘Govinda aala re’. So the talks of heartthrob Lord Krishna and his gopiyas are but natural! On silver screen in Bollywood, we can make out similar traits among some of the male actors. So lets take a look at some of the hot favorite Krishnas in Bollywood…

Shah Rukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan – Charming Krishna

His onscreen persona is of the kind that can make any girl fall in love with him instantly, the proof of which even Salman Khan endorsed in a scene in Sultan. His off screen persona is nothing short of what he is on screen. Irrespective of the gender, wherever he goes, he is always surrounded by people, just like Lord Krishna. Also his life’s philosophies are second to none and inspires people all around. Another trait Lord Krishna was known for. Remember “Gita Saar“?

Salman Khan – Lover Forever Krishna

Salman Khan is one man who doesn’t play by the rules, just like what Lord Krishna did during Mahabharat. If you mess with Salman Khan, you have to pay for it. Yes, Viviek Oberoi, Arijit Singh I am looking at you. And of course how can we ignore Bhai’s various love affairs.

Ranveer Singh – Heart stealer Krishna

Ranveer Singh is one energizer bunny and he is loved by one and all. He is all playful and mischievous and can bring the best in people whenever he is around. One of the most famous trait of Lord Krishna.

akshy kumar
Akshay Kumar – Evergreen Krishna

Whose better to be termed as Krishna than Akshay Kumar himself. In OMG Oh My God he even played Lord Krishna and was much celebrated for his portrayal. Even his choice of films mirrors Lord Krishna. How easily he shifts from a serious role to that of a playful one. Similar to what Lord Krishna’s character is, something we’ve seen and read in various shows and books respectively.

Ranbir Kapoor – Flirtatious Krishna

This guy who was once considered the Kishan Kanhaiya of Bollywood. But as they say old habits die hard. It’s about time he is back at his old antics. With his multiple relationships, his Casanova image. His character fits to the T to that of Lord Krishna with his multiple wives and “Raas Leela“.

So who is your favourite Krishna of Bollywood?