Published On : Mon, Sep 3rd, 2018

Govinda Aala re aala……

NAGPUR: With the soothing spray of rain here comes a beautiful festival, inviting the melody of Lord’s Krishna’s flute, “Janmashtami”. It’s an occasion where people learn team work to achieve height and taste the sweet juice of life. Vidarbha Institute Of Technology(VIT) had celebrated Janmashtami followed by the celebration of Dahi Handi.

MATKI, the joy for which every department is striving hard to pour over VIT. Students were extremely enthusiastic to break that matki and make the entire college taste their triumph. The zeal with which they practiced really deserves the sweetest fruit garnished with Kanha’s blessings. “Practice makes the man perfect!” Indeed! During the final play it may not be seen but the efforts and pain that the participants took in past two weeks is really appreciable.

A combination of every emotion whether it is MADNESS-HARDWORK-EXCITEMENT-ENERGY could be seen on every one’s face. The upbeat mood for the Dahi Handi Celebration was all set by feet tapping songs and the festive wear in which the young students were decked up. In accordance to the custom, when the students made a huge circle by holding their hands and sang with their teachers, the fun had merely begun. Just as Lord Krishna and his poor cowherd friends loved milk, curd and butter kept in high hung ‘Handis’, three beautifully decorated ‘Handis’ were hung in the VIT Sports Area.

Not only did they dance and sing to the tune with their teachers but also enjoyed the ‘Prasad’ later consisting of puffed rice and sugar burst.

Mr.Jitesh.N.Maheshwari Chairman,VIT, Dr.Pooja Maheshwari Secretary, VIT along with Dr.G.S.Natrajan Director, VIT, appreciate the students of VIT, Dr.Sanjay Uttarwar Principal, said, “The students of VIT found out that it doesn’t only take physical strength to make and climb a pyramid, but also takes some level of planning.”.