Government agencies, school mafias pushing students in troubled waters for earning crores

Dozens of schools are situated bang on the shores of rivers, “nallahs” which turn demons during heavy rains and the demons, without warning and without mercy, put students in the situation of life and death.

Nagpur News:  The Today’s Students The Tomorrows Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Great Leaders, Visionary Citizens Etc. However, for Government authorities and the school mafias, they are just a source of earning crores and crores of hard currency. And the Government bosses and the school mafias, who are playing a game with heaps of crisp notes, are pushing the students in troubled waters.

The example is the St Xavier’s High School in Wardhaman Nagar. The School is situated bang on the shores Nag Nadi. The School was flooded with rain water and even Nag Nadi water when the heavy rains just 3 days ago battered the Orange City. The 650-odd students, trapped in the troubled waters, were evacuated with great efforts, and the school remained closed for two days or likely to remain closed for many days thus hitting the education hard.

The picture, when the rains showed no mercy to Nagpur, was horrible with water gushing into houses in 5-6 feet high proportion, roads turning like a flooded river, and not to mention the rivers and “nallah” in spate. The grim picture was witnessed a 9-year old boy Harshal was sucked into an uncovered manhole resulting in his painful death and body finding three kilometers away from the manhole. The incident is adequately proving how dreadful problem the Mother Nature could inflict on the citizens. Then why the Government authorities permitted the schools to be based on the shores of rivers and “nallahs” on the first hand? And the school mafias, caring a hoot for lives of students, the source of grabbing money in crores, could not grasp the impending disasters in any form like inundated schools, collapsing of school buildings, and the likes?

The St. Xavier’s High School was just an iceberg. The same situation prevails in dozens of other schools specifically 3 more schools. The blame must be put on both Government agencies, and, the school mafias, too. This is simple physics. The gushing water finds its way to every place without warning and without mercy, too. This is natural phenomenon.  Any sane person can understand this simple physics. However, for the “insane” Government authorities and school mafias, the simple physics is a perfect chemistry of more, and more money. One thing they take care of, without fail, is to remain far, far away from the disaster spot, and keep themselves safe and secure.

However, the nefarious designs of the school mafia could be “understood” to great extent. But what about the Government agencies or authorities? They are supposed to keep all the citizens safe and secure by pre-emptive actions before any disaster strikes in any form. The NMC authorities, just before the beginning of monsoon, had announced their readiness with top gear, to avert any kind of rain-related tragedies. Then why the schools were not warned of impending dangers? Why no pre-emptive actions were initiated by themselves instead of issueing warnings for just “show off” for publicity stunts?

The Government agencies must cancel NOCs of the schools without any delay and act tough if the schools defy the rules and regulations. After all it is life and death situation. They should not play with lives of innocent students and in order to keep tomorrow’s students safe and secure, and not abruptly end their today.

On the other hand, the school mafias, pocketing crores,  by way of collecting hefty fees from each student, and in return provided no mentionable facilities. The lifts in the schools, leave alone for using 5-6 floors, even barred for using the lifts till the third floor. The merciless school managements don’t care or see the students using staircases with heavy bags full of books and other school material, tiffins, water bottles etc. The lifts are only for teachers, and the “kings” of the schools.

Now, time has come to raise a vociferous voice by parents against the criminally negligent Government agencies and the school mafias and force them to take corrective steps to save the tomorrow.