Published On : Wed, Dec 24th, 2014

Google’s self driving car out on road; team to test it on track

Nagpur Today.

Google may not plan to build the final version of its self-driving cars, but that’s not keeping the Mountain View firm from cranking out working test versions.

The Google Self-Driving Car Project today revealed “the first real build of our self-driving vehicle prototype.” In other words, this baby ain’t no mock-up, and it’s got real headlights to boot!

You can see the car in the image above. It’s actually an amalgamation of several different prototypes Google created to test various car systems, such as steering and braking as well as the computers and sensors that let the car function driver-free.

Using the earlier test work, Google created the craft you see above, its “first complete prototype for fully autonomous driving.”

The self-driving car team said their holiday time will be spent on the test track in preparation for putting the vehicles on Northern Californian roads sometime next year.

Unfortunately for fully autonomous driving enthusiasts, safety drivers will oversee the cars for the foreseeable future, and temporary manual controls will be utilized as the cars undergo further testing.