Published On : Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

Google Lists PM Modi Under The Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World

PM-MODI-In-most-stupid-prime-ministersNewDelhi/Nagpur: Google Lists PM Modi In The Most Stupid Prime Ministers In The World: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is en route to make India as the most desired destination to stay, by bringing in reforms and attracting a lot of foreign investment to the country. He was also featured on the cover page of the coveted TIME Magazine that projected his vision for the country.
Well, with most Indians agreeing that Narendra Modi, is perhaps one of the best Prime Ministers of the country, Google completely thinks otherwise. In fact, Google considers Narendra Modi as one of the most stupid Prime Ministers in the world.

Yes, you heard it right. Google has yet again done something very atrocious as it has placed Indian PM Narendra Modi’s photos under “Most Stupid Prime Ministers” list. The list has Thailand’s ex-prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, among others.

This is the second time that Google has targeted Indian Prime Minister. Earlier, it placed Narendra Modi under Top 10 Criminals of the world.

INDIAS-MOST-STUPID-PRIME-MINISTERGuess the outrage last time by Indians was not sufficient for Google, as it has now done something very disturbing and annoying which will certainly not go well with most of the Indians.