Published On : Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

Mild tremors of 2.8 intensity hit Gondia; Houses develop cracks, people hit panic button

Earthquake in Gondia (2)
: Invading apparently safer territory in terms of earth’s fury, a mild earthquake measuring 2.8 on Richter scale wreaked panic across Gondia, a neighbouring district of Nagpur, late Thursday evening. No casualty has been reported so far, however couple of houses reportedly developed in the aftermath of tremors.

The officials at Regional Meteorological Centre told Nagpur Today that the epicentre of the earthquake was Sindudurg bearing Latitude 16.8 and Longitude 74.0 degree East.

Some of the residents of Gondia reported that the tremors of earthquake were felt between 8:45 and 8:50 pm on Thursday. Though the tremors lasted hardly for 2-3 minutes, it unleashed a great deal of panic among the citizens who came out of their houses in sheer fright and distress. However, a significant effect of the tremors accompanied with a big humming sound could be experienced by the citizens.

A citizen of Saarwani situated about 10 kilometers from Gondia and another citizen of a village named Kawdi Tula situated 40 kilometers from Gondia reported that almost all the villagers felt the tremor and rushed outside their houses.

Earthquake in Gondia (1)
Till the time of filing the story, only one old and dilapidated house got a big crack on the wall. The officials of Regional Meteorological Centre claimed that no loss to any life has been reported so far.

The residents of Gondia district are now very apprehensive of a possible repeat occurrence of earthquake in the night.