Published On : Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

Gokul Housing Society, Borgaon residents protest against civic apathy

Tired of inaction on the part of civic authorities in spite of multiple individual complaints, the residents of Gokul Housing Society in Borgaon, Gorewada Road got together and jointly submitted a memorandum signed by around 100 residents to various city and state authorities with a repeated urge to immediately take suitable action. 

According to a press release sent by Manish Bhardwaj, the residents are troubled by a huge garbage dump adjacent to the Borgaon nullah on Gorewada road. The garbage pile is further added by nearby butchers who dump ‘offals’ of chickens and other animals, which, besides spreading nauseating foul smell all over, pose a severe health hazard to nearby residents. As the attached google maps screen grab shows, the dump is so large that it is visible in from space.

In addition to being a magnet for flies and infections, the garbage dump has also become a spot for the illegal sale and consumption of country liquor for the past few months. Drunkards loitering nearby all day long have created an unhealthy ambiance where hooliganism and sexual harassment of women has become common. It is also a serious problem for school children of the nearby Blue Diamond English High School.

Gokul Housing society residents have therefore complained to the local Gittikhadan Police Station, to the SP (state excise dept) Jangaon, to the NMC deputy director of health Milind Ganvir and to their area corporator Bhushan Shingne. The memorandum was submitted by Manish Bhardwaj, Amitabh Daral and Anil Choudhary. While all these authorities promised prompt action, nothing has changed till date as the dumping of garbage and binging on illegal country liquor continues unabated in this “Modi ka Swaccha Bharat”. The wait for authorities to see this garbage heap noticeable even from outer space continues.