Published On : Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

Go cashless to curb corruption, says CM Fadnavis

Speaking in the House while replying to a debate of demonitization Devendra Fadnavis thanked people for having shown support to this move.

The CM reminded MLAs that Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, ace Economist and considered main Architect of our constitution had said that to control corruption, ” currency should be changed every ten years.”

Fadnavis emphasized that the cash mentality of the country had fostered corruption and it is high time this culture is changed.

87% transactions are in cash and only 13% by check, was astounding information given by C.M.

He also said it was wrong to blame PM for being unprepared and not doing home work while taking such a big step.

“This step has been in the pipe line for 2 years since Jan Dhan accounts were opened”.

There are 23 crore such accounts in the country and 72 thouand crores have been deposited in them so far. “We have to ensure that this money remains in their account only.”

The CM also made the following observations while speaking –

– Between 2011 and 2015, economy grew by 30 %, but Rs. 500 notes by 76 % and 1000 notes by 105 %. IMF report of 2010 had pointed out that black economy was 23.3 % of GDP in India. Cash dealings breed black money, which is invested in real estate

He also announced that Maharashtra will launch Maha Wallet for all cashless payments. Cashless Maharashtra Volunteers scheme is being launched for which 1000 college youths will be trained.

Delegation led by CM, LOPs, Finance Minister to meet Arun Jaitley tomorrow regarding relaxation to DCCBs.

Next action will be against benami transactions, mostly in real estate investments Fadnavis said.