Published On : Fri, May 20th, 2016

Glitch in RTE debars many from schools, others get multiple choices

  • Many students get admission in 2-6 schools. 

: The so-called-efficient free school admissions under the Right To Education (RTE) has proved to be faulty. The very-on-line system has so many lacunae which many unscrupulous parents have used to ensure that their children get admissions.

The education department declared the lottery results for free school admissions under the Right To Education (RTE) quota on May 19, 2016 (within 24 hours of holding the draw).

However the entire system seems to be faulty alleged many parents. Many parents were disappointed when they realized that their applications have been rejected.


Some really very poor people including Cobblers, Bhel Puri Vendors, Vegetable Vendors too wanted their children to study in good schools. Alas, their dreams have been shattered due to the faulty system.

How is the system faulty?
On a sheer curiosity some of the parents of the children who were rejected admissions under RTE wanted to find out who have got admissions, got a shock of their life when they realized that many parents have bypassed the system and utilized the lacunae in the system and had alleged registered for admissions in as many as 6 schools. Fortunately for these unscrupulous parents, their wards or children have got admissions in 6 schools, while some children have been denied admission even in one school.

When Nagpur Today downloaded the list (which runs into 127 pages), it came to fore how many children have been given admissions into two schools, four schools and some children have even been given admissions in 6 schools. Almost all the pages have at least two or three students who have been given admissions in two or more schools.

Well one must be wondering how these students got admissions in more than one schools. The unscrupulous parents registered their wards for Admission under RTE using four different mobile numbers (probably belonging to their friends). This way they registered using four different IPs. While speaking to Nagpur Today, the owner of a Net Café owner said that some parents came with three rent-agreements printed on stamp-papers showing different addresses of their friends and then went on to register for the on-line Admissions under RTE. Surprisingly all the four applications got accepted and even more surprising is the fact that the child got admitted in four different schools.

Fault in the system
Technically, making the system fool-proof was the responsibility of the authorities. The authorities should have made a system which does not accept the same names of students with the same parents’ name and the same address. Any duplication should have automatically disqualified the students. This would have prevented unscrupulous parents from succeeding in getting admissions in many schools when some genuine parents tried only one school being rejected.

While speaking to some media personnel, Co-ordinator for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) Premchand Raut had said that the lottery results have come and parents have been intimated through SMS on their registered mobile numbers. The admission process for selected applicants is slated to start today, i.e. on May 20, 2016. All the admission formalities have to be completed between May 19, 2016 to May 28, 2016. Parents need to ensure that all documents are in order and have to submit them to the school accordingly. He added that parents must carry originals of the documents they had submitted during application process. It is important that both documents must absolutely be the same, otherwise the applications will not be accepted said an official.

The official also said that the Schools will verify address proof very carefully as location of school with respect to the applicant’s residence is the most crucial parameter. Rules say applicants must select schools between 1-3km radius from their residence. While applying online, the applicant has to pinpoint his residential address of Google Map after which the software throws up names of eligible schools. Since mapping is done completely based on applicants’ input, it is vital to cross check address proof.
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