Published On : Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

Give momentum to Sitaphal processing industry through NOGA: Phundkar

State Agriculture Minister Pandurang Phundkar
Nagpur/Mumbai: State Agriculture Minister Pandurang Phundkar has called upon Maharashtra Agro Industries Development Corporation (MAIDC) to carry out extensive marketing of Sitaphal (Custard Apple) pulp through NOGA (Nagpur Orange Growers’ Association) brand. He has also said that Sitaphal processing industry should be given momentum through NOGA. He was speaking at the meeting of Board of Directors of MAIDC in Mumbai on Tuesday.

Currently, NOGA processes tomatoes, oranges and sells juice, pulp and other products. Custard Apple is widely grown fruit crop in Maharashtra and has good potential for value addition for socio-economic uplift of farmers. Since there is heavy demand for Sitaphal pulp by ice cream industry. Considering this need, NOGA, with participation of private processing industries, should do marketing of products produced after processing of Sitaphal. Custard Apple pulp is used to prepare ice cream, Rabdi and beverages.

Phundkar said that for boosting momentum to Sitaphal processing industry, NOGA should take a lead in creating a chain of farmers, processing industry and purchasers.