Published On : Fri, Nov 23rd, 2012

Girls screamed, alert neighbours foil kidnapping

Nagpur News : An alleged kidnapping plan of two girls, aged 10 and 8, by a truck driver and his two accomplices was thwarted when the minors screamed and it alerted their neighbours who intervened and thrashed the abductors.

However, the abductors, though being rounded-up by people, managed to escape and fled away with their truck. Later, in the evening, the minors spotted the abductors roaming around the area and alerted their parents who then nabbed them and handed over to Jaripatka police.

One of the accused Shailesh Shinde (35), who originally hails from Uttar Pradesh, was currently staying in city at Kapil Nagar Sqaure. Shinde was handed over to police by the victims family members. Other accused, Dinesh alias Mama was arrested in the evening during patrolling by police.

On Thursday evening, sisters, Neha (10) and Sana (8) Ansari were playing at a distance of around 50 feet away from their home at Ramai Nagar on Nari road when two youths came to them and lured by showing Rs 4 to them.

“One of the men gave me Rs 4 and said that he will take me and my sister to buy a chocolate. We followed them but when he was lifting Sana to keep in the cabin, I shouted calling my mother,” said the brave and clever Neha, who immediately sensed something fishy when the driver was lifting Sana to the cabin.

On seeing Neha shouting, Sana also started crying and this alerted the neighbours who rushed to rescue the girls.

One of the neighbours, who contributed in foiling the kidnapping plan told that they saw one of the youth had gagged Sana to stop her from crying. Neha too told TOI that the abductor has gagged Sana.

Later while few people were busy calming the girls, others thrashed the abductors but instead they opposed them and managed to escape. “The trio flee with their truck,” said the neighbour.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father Chotesahab and Uncle Zaheer Ahmad, a political activist, who had been to offer namaz, were called.

Ahmad said that they searched the abductors around the area but failed. Later, in the evening, Sana spotted Shinde loitering around near the area and immediately informed Chotesahab.

“I had informed the girls that if they saw the abductors, they will inform me and the smart girl Neha did it. It was important to nab the accused to prevent such incidents further,” said Ahmad, a political activist.

Acting smartly and secretly, Ahmad and Chotesahab  get hold of Shinde and handed him to police.

Investigating officer, Police Sub-inspectors S B Jadhav, who is still hunting for the suspected third accused said that Dinesh was arrested when the girls confirmed.

“We called the girls to identify Dinesh and Neha said that he was the one who gave them Rs 4. As there is no reason of minors telling lie and can’t be wrong, the abductors have no option left to give the explanation,” he said.

Jadhav said that he suspect the abductors might be connected to a gang that kidnapped children for begging purpose and others.
“We are yet to interrogate the truck owner. We have informed the UP police and asked whether the duo has any past records,” said Jadhav.