Published On : Tue, Mar 8th, 2016

Girls on Top#It’s not boys’ game any more in Nagpur!


Nagpur: It may appear a plot straight from the upcoming movie ‘Ki & Ka’ which throws light on the concept of working women and house husband, but the trend is very much likely in Nagpur. Taking the mindset of Nagpur youngsters into account, most of those including couples and singles are quite excited with this idea of empowering girls – exchanging age old duties assigned out of the traditional Indian system.

And the reason is but obvious! Be it education, fashion, passion or simply any other profession or passion, girls are certainly taking a big lead, racing past the boys and fondly making a bold statement. Even if we take matters of love into account, it is the girl who is having the final say, given the trend currently being seen in Nagpur. Yes, the city girls are reaching out for the stars and needless to say that sky is the limit, in terms of living, relishing and deriving maximum pleasure out of all good things in life.

“Perhaps this is the remarkable achievement in the recent times that we Nagpur girls have accomplished. Thanks to our parents for understanding and being supportive for every thing we do. It is because of them that we have managed to come out of the closet, live life on our terms and get to make the cut in every field we dig in, ” asserts Sneha Joshi, an IT professional working in a Pune-based company in Nagpur.

Loaded with power packed smile and a grit of confidence, Sneha doesn’t have any qualms in sharing her relationship status. “I am single but soon going to be hitched with my long time beau who works from home. Compared to me he often has much time in spare at home. Eventually we mutually decided that Avinash (her groom to be) would be serving as house husband while I go out for work,” she quipped.

But would it not mean ego clash? Sneha was quick to reply, “Actually we have checked on the compatibility and convenience of the set up, in which we have planned to get married. Even Avinash is comfortable and cool to do that. You would be surprised to know that this idea came from him only. Its all in his habit and so in mine.(smiles).”
Another couple Raghvendra and Ritika Solanki, both of whom works in an automobile company in city, are much comfortable in sharing household chores post their working hours. The logic of understanding between them is that both come home in a similar state of mind. “It’s not that only she would cook or make me tea. Even I do it for her at times after we get back from work. Anyways, I am enjoying this phase of our lives.”

Radhika Sharma who is in the final year of her Engineering would soon join a multi-national company after completing degree. She says, “Gone are the days when only boys have the power to choose their girls. I am not challenging the gender bias here, nor have any complaints regarding any practice. Actually it all depends on how much you take on you. Once you draw a limit your femininity will always be honored. We need to introspect and transform ourselves before we brag about the outer world of gender bias. So here I am! I have two break ups previously before I found the right guy, and have no problem in accepting that.”