Published On : Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Gauri Lankesh is the 13th journalist murdered by intolerant cowards

Senior journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Bengaluru
Media is supposed to be the fourth, and some say the most significant pillar of Democracy. If there was to be no free press who would expose wrong doings of political leaders, bureaucrats, Governments, and even judiciary?

All the people mentioned below were killed in cold blood for work that they were carrying out not for personal gratification, but for the benefit of general populace. They were the brave warriors, armed only with their pens or key boards, and courage of conviction, who were taking on the mighty and the powerful.

When such people are sought to be silenced, it is a sure sign that the nation is progressing fast towards becoming a Banana Republic where opposition will not be brooked.

  1. 13th May 2016. Siwan, Bihar. This happened on 13th May 2016.Siwan, a disrict town of Bihar saw Dainik Hindustan journalist Rajdev Ranjan being gunned down by some assailants as he was returning from his office in the evening. CBI is investigating the case.
  2. May 2015, Jhabua, M.P. Akshay Singh, Special correspondent of Aaj Tak who had gone to investigate the Vyapam case died suddenly in mysterious circumstances. It happened in Meghnagar near Jhabua.
  3. June 2015, Balaghat, M.P. Sandeep Kothari, a journalist who was abducted in Balaghat district was burnt alive. His body was found in a farm near Wardha in Maharashtra.
  4. 2015, Shahjahanpur in UP. Journalist Jogendra Singh was also burnt alive. His crime? Writing on Facebook against UP Minister Rammurthy Verma.
  5. 2013. Muzzapharnagar, UP. During the riots here Network 18 Reporter Rajesh Verma was killed by shooting.
  6. 26th November 2014. A.P. Senior journalist of the state M.V.N. Shankar was killed. He was writing against the Oil Mafia in the state.
  7. 27th May 2014, Odisha. Stringer Tarun Kumar working for a local TV channel was killed brutally.
  8. Sai Reddy of Chatisgarh who was active in Bijapur, a Naxal affected area, was shot by some men.
  9. 20th August, 2013, Pune Journalist, Writer and Activist Narendra Dabholkar, working against Superstition was shot and killed in front of a temple while on morning walk.
  10. 1st March 2012. Rewa, M.P. Media Raj Reporter Rajesh Mishra was killed for exposing scam happening in local schools.
  11. 11th June 2011. Mumbai. Famous Mid Day Crime Reporter Jyotirmay Dey was killed. Probably at behest of underworld who he was exposing.
  12. 21st November 2002. Sirsa, Haryana. Journalist Ramchandra Chatrapati who published the rape victims letter, about happenings at Dera Sachcha by chief Gurmeet Ram Raheem was killed in his own office.
  13. Today a senior lady journalist Gauri Shankar has been shot seven times in her own compound in the metro city of Bangalore.