Published On : Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Gattikhadan police achieve major breakthrough, nab 3 accused in Anand Shukla case within 12 hours

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Accused Kuldeep Pande

Accused Kuldeep Pande

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Exhibiting extreme efficiency, Gittikhadan police have rounded up three accused in Anand Shukla firing case of July 29. These accused will be presented in court on July 31.
1) Jainul Salim Qureshi (aged 20, a resident of Gittikhadan)

2) Nogal Kailas Patil (aged 20, a resident of Juni Mangalwari)

3) Kuldeep alias Pinnoo Shashidhar Pandey (aged 24, a resident of Awasthinagar)

Police informed that one of the accused is still absconding. This firing may lead to gang war in Gittikhadan, it is feared.
It may be mentioned here that on Tuesday, at around 7 in the evening, Anand Shukla(a resident of Awasthinagar) and Pankaj Giri were having drinks at the ground of Samadhan Nagar. At that time, Jainul Qureshi, Pinoo Pandey and Nogal Patil and one more person came there and they also started drinking. Jainul and Anand had a verbal quarrel. They started abusing each other. Jainul lost control and attacked Anand with sharp knife. And to terrorise Anand, he also fired a bullet in the air. Sensing trouble both Anand and Pankaj fled from the spot.

Police inspector, Sunil Bonde visited the spot after getting intimation. Anand Shukla was taken to hospital for treatment. On Anand’s complaint, offences were registered. Showing high degree of efficiency, three accused have been arrested by 8 am on July 30.

It is said that Pinoo Pandey and MOCCA accused, Sumit Thakur have their independent gangs. Pinoo has enmity with Pankaj and Anand. So to terrorise Anand, Pinoo carries deadly weapons. This incident may lead to further gang war it is feared.