Published On : Wed, May 7th, 2014

Gas cylinder blast after fire charred house in Ayodhya Nagar; no casualties

DSC_1805Nagpur News : House  was destroyed completely when a large fire broke in the house and turned massive after gas cylinder burst due to the flames. The fire broke on the intervening night of Tuesdayand Wednesday in Ayodhya Nagar. Three persons safely escaped the flames. However, the pet rabbit was killed during the fire.

DSC_1796According to information, fire Department received information about a fire that DSC_1799broke in Ayodhya Nagar at around 12.30 am. Two fire tenders were dispatched to the scene and the fire officials were successful in extinguishing the fire quickly. The fire broke in Shriramwadi, Ayodhya Nagar at the residence of Vijay Charpe. Vijay who works as a labour in a private company, lives with his wife Nanda, a homeguard and two daughters. On Tuesday, Vijay left for his night shift while Nanda and their daughters were at home. At around 12.30 am, the house caught fire due to a short circuit. Nanda immediately took her daughters and ran out of the house. As soon as the three left the house, the gas cylinder caught fire and burst with impact. The fire destroyed everything in the house including TV, fridge, fan and other household things.

Neighbour rushed to help Nanda after hearing her screams. They immediately informed the Fire Department and meanwhile started attempts to control the increasing flames. Neighbours informed that utensils and other household materials were thrown as high as 300 ft due to the gas cylinder blast. The timely arrival of fire tenders stopped the fire from encroaching other houses in the area. “Luckily, Nanda and the girls escaped before the gas cylinder blast which prevented any casualties,” informed an official.

Neighbours helped Nanda and her daughters to settle in one of the houses and also extended some financial help. People in the area have demanded that City Administration should provide financial help to Charpe family as they had lost everything in the fire. They informed that property worth Rs 1.50 lakh was charred in the fire which left the family with practically nothing. Even the academic material of the two girls had turned to ashes in the flames.