Published On : Mon, Jun 5th, 2017

Gang War : Goons open fire on each other in Lashkaribagh; 1 dead

Nagpur: True to NT’s report about Nagpur being on the verge of critical crime situation, another incident of rampage of goons only highlighted the gravity of the situation. On Sunday a youth lost his life and 3 others received serious injuries when two rival gangs turned berserk and opened fire on each other. The incident happened on Kidwai ground at Lashkaribagh in north Nagpur.

As Nagpur Today visited the crime scene, it was reported that bullets were fired randomly between Hussaini group and Ippa gang near Kidwai mosque after the namaaz.

One of the gang members Asif alias Guddu, also injured in the firing, surrendered after the incident at Pachpaoli police station.

Media reports said that riot control police commandos had to be deployed as tension gripped the locality. A fierce gang war is now on the cards with Ippa and Naushad expected to unleash fury on Laskaribagh’s Hussaini group.

Mohd Abeed Mohd Jamil, right hand of gangster Ippa and his brother Naushad, were killed after sustaining two bullet injuries on head and back. Asif, who also contested civic election this year, was placed under arrest later in the evening. Asif Koyla, a close aide of Guddu, also had sustained bullet injuries. He, too, was rounded after the incident. Samar Shaikh, another aide of Guddu and also injured in firing, was the third one to be taken into custody. Searches were underway for others.

Sources claimed that the main tiff between the two revolved around recovery of bookies’ money in which Ippa gang is involved. In Pachpaoli, Ippa gang has a major support in a person, identified as Pawan, who also had been into various illegal activities in nexus with local police.

Another source said that the fight kicked off after an auto-deal transaction turned sour following which the gangs got involved. Weak policing in north Nagpur has made the locality a breeding ground of criminals. Guddu visited police stations regularly as he was having close rapport with cops.

Sources claimed that Abid and his aide Faizan had come to meet Guddu near 10 Number puliya where they had a heated scuffle. Abid and Faizan later returned near Kidwai mosque to confront Guddu and his gang. It’s learnt that Abid was the one to start firing with one aiming in the air.

Guddu retaliated in which Abid was injured. As Faizan fled the spot, Abid was pinned down but he fired indiscriminately in which Koyla and Samar were injured.