Published On : Sun, Nov 20th, 2016

Video : Gadkari urges NRI delegates and speakers to start something concrete in the city

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari who addressed the delegates of Annual Global Summit 2016 started his address by lauding Baba Ramdeo and Acharya Balakrishnan who have acquired additional land to start the Food Park in MIHAN-SEZ. Gadkari claimed that the concept of bringing a world class manufacturing unit to Nagpur was a part of making life easier for the farmers in the region who are otherwise infamous for big number of suicides said Gadkari.

He claimed that Vidarbha is known to be home to 75% of the forest wealth especially in Gadchiroli and 80% of mineral health of Maharashtra also is in Vidarbha. This will be beneficial to Patanjali since they can get all the raw material they need nearby. Gadkari very proudly told the delegates that Nagpur is also known as logistics hub in the country from where transport to any other part of the country would be very easy by Rail, Road and by Air. He added that with many parts of Boing being manufactured in MIHAN, we will soon have the advantage of Boeing planes landing in the city. This in turn will also encourage an air cargo and passenger hub in MIHAN soon which also will boost the trade capacity of any industry coming up here. Gadkari claimed that Nagpur is fortunate that the first of these industries are a social enterprise that is a brand ambassador of Ayurveda, Yoga and Indian way of life.


Gadkari said that while many falsely call Baba Ramdeo as an Industrialist, he is a social entrepreneur. He claimed that he owns nothing except the cloth on him. He went on to claim that the way things are in India, whether we like it or not, we have to buy Patanjali Products.

He was speaking about the forest produce like honey and vegetables which can be used to manufacture pure and natural products. He went on to say that the production unit will generate a lot of employment for the youth of this region.

He spoke about how Baba Ramdeo is working on breeding cows that can yield 40-50 litres of milk. Gadkari also spoke of NDT Milk. He claimed how Rice bran husks, soyabean cakes, groundnut shells can become good fodder for cows and how the yield can be bettered. He claimed that the farmers are doing a better job and in turn is bettering the economy of the region. He claimed that Development and progress should be integrated. We should follow a Integrated Development Model.

While speaking about Metro rail project, he claimed that Metro will generate 70% power for running its own rails. There will be 36 stations which will resemble 5-star hotels.

Apart from that he spoke about the state of the art auditorium. He said that the best of seats have been procured for the auditorium. He claimed that the entire auditorium is going to be self-powered or Solar Powered.

Gadkari spoke of being the only state which gives 24X7 water supply. He claimed that Nagpur has been awarded for that too.

He spoke about how roads are rapidly being concretized and that the entire ring road will be concrete.

He spoke about the plans which are afoot to reduce the water and air pollution.He claimed that from December 1, 2016, there were 400 fully air-conditioned buses running on Ethenol. He spoke about the plans of creating a London Street. He claimed about how many major professional educational organizations have already come to city including AIMS, IMA, MNLU, NDT Milk etc. He claimed about the slowly increasing number of industries which have started settting up in MIHAN-SEZ.

He then spoke of his dreams of sea-planes landing in water bodies in the city and taking tourists to the tiger resorts.

He spoke about the idol of Vivekanand and how a water glass-screen will be ereceted which will have a light and music show depicting the life of Swami Vivekananda.

Gadkari spoke about low cost housing that have been planned for the poor and home-less. He claimed that the houses that they are envisaging will cost as low as Rs 2.50 lakhs. The use of fly-ash in various constructional works will be encouraged in these low-cost houses. He spoke of cleaning the Nag-River and Rs 2200 crores have already been allocated to clean the river. Gadkari spoke of installing CCTV cameras in major junctions and other accident prone spots so that the city becomes accident free city.

Finally in conclusion, he urged all NRIs and all foreign delegates to start-up something concrete in the city instead of just delivering lectures and having panel discussions.