Published On : Thu, Jun 16th, 2016

Gadchiroli SP Sandeep Patil accorded ‘extraordinary’ farewell on transfer

farewell on transfer of Gadchiroli SP Sandeep Pati (3)
An ‘extraordinary’ police officer was accorded equally ‘extraordinary’ farewell on his transfer. The remarkable scenario was witnessed in Naxal-infested Gadchiroli District. The District Superintendent of Police Sandeep Patil has been transferred to Satara. The transfer is part of normal administrative process but the farewell accorded to him was phenomenal befitting to his status, image and respect for citizens. The officials and other personnel of Police Department as a mark of their love, respect and gratitude towards the DSP Sandeep Patil, seated him in a flower-decked car and pulled it themselves with the help of a flowery rope.

It is pertinent to recall that the day Sandeep Patil took over as SP of Gadchiroli District, not only Naxal violence got declined but the morale of police personnel touched a high. His respect and love for police personnel won many a heart. According to scribes of the district, they had never seen the amazing farewell accorded to any other high-ranking official.

farewell on transfer of Gadchiroli SP Sandeep Pati (2)
It was the first time that an SP was honoured with the marvelous farewell. Not that officials of high caliber served the district on earlier occasions such as former District Collector Abhishek Krishna, former SP Suez Haq but Sandeep Patil’s tenure would be cherished by all sections of society for long time to come. When Suez Haq was transferred to Gondia district, people here had launched a movement against the transfer. Tenure of former Nagpur Rural SP Manoj Sharma is also remembered by cross section of people for the good.

During his 2-year tenure as Gadchiroli District SP, Sandeep Patil left an indelible mark of respect and love. Respect and love for police personnel, adivasi people and at times the wrongly moved young Naxals.
The extraordinary farewell to an extraordinary police officer would be cherished by all for long time to come.
farewell on transfer of Gadchiroli SP Sandeep Pati