Published On : Sat, Jun 20th, 2015

Futala: Despite being “No smoking zone”, Hukka parlour doing brisk business

IMG-20150620-WA0001Nagpur: While the law abiding citizens strive to adhere to all the rules, regulations and law, the unscrupulous elements find a way with circumvent the rules and the laws to money on the sly. Now making money is not wrong. However, making money through illegal activities is definitely wrong. What are the law-keepers doing about this? Nothing!

The entire stretch that starts from Amravati road to the other end where the road intercepts the Vayu Sena road is declared as a “No Smoking” and “No Liquor” zone by the Nagpur Improvement Trust (under whose ownership the Futala Lake Side view road comes).


Hukka Parlour continues to do brisk business

Even as Nagpur Improvement Trust declares the stretch as a No Smoking and No Liquor zone, The Hukka Parlour continues to do brisk business. While talking to Nagpur Today, one of the owners claimed that he had permission and license to run the hookah parlour since he has built a smoking area and has a license for that. He went on to claim that he has read the Supreme Court’s directives and he is definitely not wrong in running the Hukka parlour.

The question is how did he acquire the license to run the Hukka Parlour in a No Smoking Zone? Are the civic authorities not in sync with each other or is inter-departmental and inter-organizational communication so weak that they do not work together to prevent any illegal activities?


Liquor can be consumed if brought from outside by the customers

This is an ideal example of circumventing the laws. Sources claim that there are some eateries which has facilities to enjoy time with friends and relatives on the roof of the eateries in the open air or in some eateries with closed rooms, liquor can be consumed if brought from outside by the customers.

If asked the owners of the eateries can claim that they never supplied or served the liquor and that the customers have themselves brought the liquor with them.


Mobile Liquor vend

A group of youngsters can also be seen carrying a hand bag with nips and half bottles (Adha) of various popular brand of liquor. These youths sell the liquor at 15-25% more than the cost of the liquor. Since they are providing the liquor right near the spot where they can enjoy a good eatery as well as enjoy the wet-weather (considered ideal for a peg or two by spoilt brats or youth), the buyers do not mind the inflated cost of liquor. Well this too is not occurring without the knowledge of the local police station.


Novel high-profile call-girl racket

In what could be termed as innovative, a transgender (Hijra) can be seen in the Hukka Parlours or some selected eateries often frequented by high-class patronage or rich spoilt brats. This Hijra is seen moving about with a lap-top. For all those who are interested in fulfilling their lecherous and amorous urges, he shows them semi-nude or nude pictures of high-class call-girls. The modus-operandi is very simple. On selection of a particular call-girl, the Hijra makes arrangements for the call-girl to come to a particular spot (on this particular stretch) and the client can them pick-up the girl. The mode of payment could not be ascertained. Therefore this stretch has also become a good pick-up point for high-profile call-girls.


What other vice is remaining for the authorities to take action against these unscrupulous elements?


Some sources added that all these activities are continuing unhindered under the protection of the local police station. Since it is next to impossible that the local cops are not aware of such crime occurring right under their noses and they are not aware about them.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )