Published On : Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Furious Mayor dares Mundhe to prove ‘women’ charge or render public apology

Mundhe draws flak for his claim that some women tried to assassinate his character

Nagpur: The day after former Nagpur Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe tried to play victim of character assassination bid, a furious Mayor Sandeep Joshi challenged him to prove the sensational charge or render public apology forthwith.

Tukaram Mundhe, who was abruptly transferred from Nagpur as Municipal Commissioner, claimed in an interview to local Hindi daily that some women were sent to his chamber and the women tore their clothes with the intention to assassinate his character. Mundhe did not name any person in the interview.

Enraged over the former Municipal Commissioner’s bizarre cliam, the Mayor Joshi reacted angrily and dared Mundhe to immediately name the leaders who sent women to his chamber and also name the women or he will file a defamtion suit against him for insulting women of Nagpur. The Mayor got very upset over the claim of Mundhe. “An IAS officer like Mundhe, who abides by law, should not have indulged in such mean act. It was not expected of him when he has already been shifted from Nagpur. Why did he keep silence for so many days after the incident? Moreover, CCTVs have been installed inside and outside Mundhe’s chamber and more than half a dozen security personnel accompanied him continuously. The said incident must have been captured in the CCTVs. And what the security men were doing at the time?” Joshi questioned.

“Mundhe is an IAS officer. He should have informed or lodged a complaint with police immediately after the incident. On the other hand, whenever four or more people came to meet him, Mundhe would call police immediately. Then why he kept silence over the said incident for so long and sensationalised the issue in the interview? All this point out Mundhe is playing a dirty game and trying to play a victim,” the Mayor asserted.

Notably, during the NMC’s General Body Meeting held recently, the sevior BJP leader and Corporator Dayashankar Tiwari had levelled serious charges with proof against Mundhe. Tiwari had said that behaviour of the Municipal Commissioner towards women was condemnable. “And now when Mundhe has been transferred from Nagpur, it is not approriate to indulge in such act and gain sympathy of people. Mundhe’s claim amounts to denigrating and insulting women. Many women’s organisations had lodged complaints with the Mayor against Mundhe. These women’s organisations would now lodge complaints with State Women’s Commission in this connection. That is why the Mayor Joshi has dared Mundhe to name the leaders and women who tried to assassinate his character. If he failed to do so, the Mayor is conemplating to file a defamtion suit against the former Municipal Commissioner,” Tiwari said.

Meanwhile, City BJYM President Shivani Dani-Wakhare lashed out the former Municipal Commissioner for his absurd claim that some women tried to assassinate his character. “Mundhe is an IAS officer and he should have lodged a police complaint about the incident immediately. Why he kept mum all these days? Is Mundhe trying to settle scores for opposing his appointment in the Smart City Project? Earlier also, two women had complained against Mundhe for his indecent behaviour. Mundhe should render a public apology for his bizarre claim in an interview with the local daily,” Dani demanded.

During the interview, Mundhe who is now home quarantined for corona infection, claimed that since the leaders got no issue they tried to assassinate mt character. “Everyday, one or another charge was being levelled against me. I was being targeted as part of a conspiracy. Efforts were being made to harass me mentally since past 4-5 months. I have toned down my aggressive nature since past few years. But still I am being transferred frequently. But I will not compromise with my principles. Compromising principles would be like stabbing on the back myself,” Mundhe stated.

“I am absolutely not against BJP. Wherever I was posted some leaders or others opposed me. But people welcomed me and extended support,” Mundhe said.