Published On : Sun, Dec 23rd, 2012

Fulfill your Choco dream – “The Chocolate Room”




The Chocolate Room

Drawing on years of retail experience, they have produced an inviting and distinctive fit out for this boutique chocolate cafe.

The Chocolate Room India Pvt. Ltd. started operating since October 2007. It is an Australian concept. And we the chocolate room India Pvt. Ltd. are entitled to give away franchisees across India.

The History of Chocolate

Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate is said to have originated in the Amazon basin at least 4000 years age.

Christopher Columbus in 1502 was the first European to discover the beans, however it was not until two decades later that Hernan Cortes found Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor feasting on a cup of Xocoati.

The liquid was so precious that it was served in gold goblets and used as a form of currency. Cortes returned to Spain in 1528 and realising the beans potential seeded “money crops” on the West African Islands of Fernando Po, Bioko, Trinidad and Haiti.

On his return to Spain he presented the beans to King Charles V. It is from these islands that the huge Cacao trade developed.

he Chocolate Room is committed to being an employer of choice and recognises the importance of attracting and retaining the highest quality people.

Strong and consistent set of values, clear direction and an engaged team are three critical elements of The Chocolate Room’s ongoing success. The Chocolate Room is a “can do” company, that moves with speed and energy. The mood is confident, responsive, and results-orientated.


The chocolate Room chain started in Nagpur in 2009 with a group of young entrepreneurs by the name of Mayank Poddar, Vipul Jain, Bharat Jain and Arvind Jain. Their aim was simple to be the best chocolate café in the city. Ever since its inception it has been getting an over whelming response and has become one of the favorite hang out spots to the youth of Nagpur.

On a Sunday afternoon with not much to do, a trip to Chocolate room proves all the more exciting as an ideal mind is a devils workshop.

The entry to the place was ok so I thought to myself why not make a review on the café and see what best they can hit me with.


Ambience 6.5/10.

Once you enter the Café it looks compact. Though it does offer lot of privacy to its customer. There is an option for the customer to sit on the first floor which is spacious and comfortable. The red sofa’s which aren’t properly maintained do spoil the beauty a bit but all in all the decor is worth a second look.



Service 8/10

The service and the waiters are very pleasant in their approach and do add a little subtleness to their style to give that necessary balance on the place. You can expect coffees to be delivered in about 7-10 min’s and other eateries would take between 10-20 min’s which I think is not bad.

The verdict on the service would be nice but it can still improve.


Food   7/10



To test chocolate room to the core I first thought of ordering a sundae and it didn’t disappoint a bit. The flavors in it had the right balance and it tasted nice. The next on my agenda was the Hazelnut Fondue which had a hard yet creamy feel to it but this combination didn’t blend well with the hazelnut.

The Final chapter to my taste buds was the Classic hot Chocolate which in my books tasted like a complain drink. The rest remains for all the chocolates lovers who would definitely find it interesting and nice.


Price 8/10


The pricing of some of its products don’t disappoint. The range starts from 89 onwards and goes upto 500. This place wouldn’t make a hole in your pocket.

If you feel coffee was enough then gets your facts straight because they place boost of a Cake shop section for all the chocolate lovers and also it has started another small shop right beside the café.

The so called shop goes by the name of Mag Adda which offers 10 varieties of Maggie’s and is priced between Rs 35 to 90.


The Menu of the Café is given below


The Final verdict would be 7/10 but for chocolate lovers I think the verdict will be a matter of concern.