Published On : Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

From Wardha Road to Jaitala, Orange City Street to be completed in 10 phases

Nagpur News : After performing bhoomipujan of two ambitious projects Metro Railway and Pardi flyover, the ruling party in Nagpur Municipal Corporation has turned focus on Orange City Street, proposed from Wardha Road to Jaitala. The Standing Committee gave administrative proposal to this project on Monday. The project will be taken up in 10 phases and it would take 4 and half years to complete. Tenders will be called soon and with this, the project has gone one step ahead.

Municipal commissioner has been given powers to call tenders and complete procedure. The proposal of Orange City Street was placed in the meeting of Standing Committee on Monday. Detailed project report of this scheme will be made. The project will be carried on public private partnership basis. Nagpur municipal corporation has got possession of 31.15 hectare land in Mouja Somalwada, Khamla Bhamti, Takli and Jaitala. Some land belongs to defence department. The project report has been prepared by renowned architect Hafeez Contractor.


Proposed Artiste View

The project will be 5.50 km long and width will be 36 meter to 100 meters. Facilities for commercial, residential, social, educational and office use will be developed.

Superintendent engineer of Nagpur municipal corporation Urade said that the proposed project is in primary stage at present. DPR will be made and various aspects will be highlighted. Legal opinion will also be sought.

Expenditure of 4,627 crore
According to chairman of Standing Committee Balya Borkar, the project would cost 4,627 crore and would earn 5,307 crore. From this, Nagpur municipal corporation will get 654.50 crore in four and half years. 132.23 crore will be spent in facilities of public interest and 78.27 crore will be spent on other development works

Salient features of project
The project will be completed in 10 phases. First phase will be hospitality facilities, second and third stages will have residential facilities, hospital and residential facilities will be in fourth and fifth stages. Various development works will be done by Nagpur municipal corporation in sixth stage. The last three stages will have works of commercial, office spaces and convention centre.