Published On : Tue, Jan 5th, 2016

From Rubeka’s Kitchen : Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich
An American style club sandwich eaten during breakfast or as a snacks can fill your tummy and give you energy.

4 Cheese slices
1 bowl shredded Chicken [boiled]
3-4 cloves Garlic
Black pepper
3-4 boiled Eggs
1/2 bowl Mayonnaise
2 tbsp Mustard paste
Lettuce leaves
Toasted Bread slices


Boil the chicken with garlic cloves, salt and black pepper.
Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the boiled egg slices.
Apply butter on bread.
Mix the mayonnaise and mustard paste.
Apply the mayonnaise mix on the slices.
Place sliced eggs on mayonnaise and mustard coated slices.
Now place buttered toast and put lettuce leaves on it.
Place a cheese slice on it.
Also place tomatoe and cucumber slices.
Now add chicken on it.
Cover with mayonnaise and musterd paste coated slice.
Slice in half and insert toothpick in it.
Serve with Chips or Potato Wedges, Enjoy.
[P.S. if u r not using toasted bread you can also Grill the Sandwich]
[P.P.S. you can replace chicken with paneer]