Published On : Sun, Aug 2nd, 2015

Friendship Day:Arch rivals Salman and SRK fan clubs of Nagpur to kiss and make up

fan club 2Nagpur: Only a true leader can acknowledge the presence of another Good leader.  Only a Badshah can appreciate a Dabbang. Only Genuine Fans Can appreciate the love of Another’s Fans. Spread Love not Hatred.. Cos when SALMAN N SRK who Buried their long lost feuds , We fans r no one to crib complain or judge..


The above is a challenge that has been thrown open to all young and not-so-young fans of Salman and SRK in the Nagpur area for the upcoming Friendship Day on 2nd August, Sunday.

And this is not just some social meeting to promote their favourite movie stars – As they proclaim in their message to THEIR fans ( yes, these fans have a fan following of their own in Nagpur area!) –

“BEING SALMAN Foundation se main Balram gehani and tripti shrivastava
Srk fans club Nagpur se Charlie Yerame and Divya shahare hum 4 log apni apni team k saath milkar logo se Unka view janege ko aap kinke fan ho aur kyo aur aapne apne fav superstar k liye kya Kiya hai fir Unko ye msg dena hai ki aap unke Naam se social work karo. ”

sfk fan clubWe, Balram Gehani and Tripti Shrivastava of Being Salman Foundation and Charlie Yerame and Divya Shahare representing SRK fans club with our respective teams will meet people at various spots in Nagpur and will ask them what ‘work’ are they doing in the name of their Star? We will also impart the message that you ought to do some concrete work for society and for your city so you can cover the names of your heroes in glory! A video will be made of these interactions and posted on U tube.
Therefore this event is being called the ‘biggest Virtual Reality Event’.
Four venues have been finalized for the fan club – people interaction : bollywood center point, Futala,Traffick park
and Cinemax.
It seems that this activity in Nagpur has the sanction and the blessings of the two Khan superstars concerned. They are printing posters to publicize this ‘special friendship’ day for their fans…..and as the ‘Bollywood Tabloid’ confirms, this is specially for Nagpur Fan Clubs. This is what was reported there –

Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are once again rediscovering the bonds of friendship. The Khan’s who had a public spat at Katrina Kaif’s birthday were not on speaking terms since then, this feud was also carried on in extremes by the die hard loyal fans too. Recently at Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s wedding, the two stars had mended their bridges. However their fans continued to harbor enmity.
But now in a joint venture by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s fans, the two warring groups too have decided to bury the hatchet on Friendship Day. The fan clubs of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have now decided to jointly host a cyber event on the occasion of Friendship Day on August 2, to spread peace and discourage extensive abuse and trolling of the superstars by thousands of rival fans.

The Khan’s have extended their support to their clubs, SRK Fan Club Nagpur and Being Salman Foundation. The fans of one actor will be complimenting the other superstar in the virtual world.